Zakkeh is currently the editor of Roblox News until further notice, contact him if you have any problems.
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► What is Roblox News?
■ Roblox News is a Roblox Fansite run by Arbirator. [For more info click here.]

► How can I join the Roblox News Staff?
■ When we announce we are hiring, you have to send an application for a job. We look through all of the applications and choose the best to join our team. We usually hire for specific roles.

► How can I become a Manager?
■ We choose Managers from our own Staff, who are dedicated in their specified role. We do not hire just for Managment roles.

► When will there be positions open for new staff?
■ There is no set date, openings will be either be announced on the sidebar notification widget near the top of the page or in a blog post.

► Can an article written by me get published on Roblox News?
■ Yes, we do publish fan made article. To know how to send in your article click here.

► How many views does Roblox News get Daily?
■ Roblox News gets an Average of 719 views daily and around 19,000 to 20,000+ monthly

► Who created Roblox News? Who were the first Admins?
■ Roblox News was created by Arbirator and the first admins were; Xuber and Flingi2 respectively.

► What is "The Quest Beyond Time"?
■ The Quest Beyond Time was originally going to be a Roblox Series directed by Flingi2 under Roblox News Studios. Later it was turned into a "novel" by Flingi2 due to lack of actors and writers.

► Is there a mobile app for this site?
■ Yes, click here to checkout the app.

FAQ Maintained By, Arbirator & Flingi2