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Friday, May 2, 2014

Sneak Peak: Roblox News Egg Hunt 2014!

Before we begin we would like to address a common point raised by the community regarding our blog egg hunts. I often get asked why we are hosting an egg hunt when Easter has been and gone. The answer is simple: it is not an Easter hunt. If we were to run the event at Easter it would likely enjoy far less success due to the occurrence of an official, widely promoted egg made created by the Games team. We are also adding a twist this year; it is an all season egg hunt.

You'll see what we mean later.

But first, take a look at these sneak peak images that we are able to disclose to you. Please note the game is still in alpha development and thus the maps, eggs and items are not finalised. Note: Click on any of the four images in the below graphic, and the image map will take you to an enlarged version of that image so you can inspect the details.

Spring has sprung Winter is coming Summer is sizzling Alas poor Yorrick Image Map
What we can reveal is that our egg hunt will be using the universe infrastructure to enhance the scalability of our project and add new gameplay dynamics. The system features around a central hub with a teleportation system (explained in future post) that allows you travel to the 'egg worlds'. We have built an intuitive system to allow this to occur seamlessly. Each world will have unique eggs, with themed abilities relevant to the climate and surroundings they are situated in.There will also be a collection of eggs that you can collect on any egg world leading to consistency in gameplay.

Some eggs will be easy to get, others will be exceedingly difficult and we wiill building universe and egg world leaderboards to keep track of the eggs people are catching and the score that they are racking up. The rarer the egg - the higher the score per collection.

Thanks for reading; more information will be released at the weekend about this eggciting project!

Editor of Roblox News


  1. I agree with the idea of this; but there is the concern about how hard it would be to make without massive lag. Program based games are always going to have a lot less lag than browser games, so I'm not sure how this would work.

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  4. I agree with you but Roblox is a powerfull app and if they make a web player wont it lag. Also when roblox lags it is so anoying

  5. Candy crush leval 75

  6. Um no , Browser is always slow unless you in crease cache to like 50000 gigs (over exaggeration)

  7. i want roblox on chromebook


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