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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Developing a Successful Game - Tips and Tricks to Help You

Hello readers! CYNICALCHRIS here, and this articles is going to be all about how an average user, such as yourself, can become famous, and rich, through game development. I don't want to sound cocky when I say this, so you must understand that these tips are coming from ACTUAL successful game developers!

This will (hopefully) become a series, where every week, I'll be sitting down with game developers from all over the site. If you want to see an interview with a particular developer, send me a PM on ROBLOX. I'll try my best.

When reading this, keep in mind that following these steps will (most likely) not bring you over-night success. You (should) work for the fame you will receive. Do you really want to be the next jardvaldez? I chose the following people to be interviewed because they were able to reap the benefits of developing their own game. 

First, I'll be talking with Havemeat, creator of Havemeat's Minigames, and Havemeat's Loghouse

Background Info
Havmeat's most successful game is Havemeat's Minigiames. It has about 425,000 place visits as of this post. He is a wiki writer, and a member of RBXDev, as well as the leader of Team Havemeat! You can check out a blog post about Team Havemeat written by reesemcblox here

Question Time

Q: When did you join ROBLOX?
A: January, 2008

Q: How long did it take you to develop your game (Havemeat's Loghouse)?
A: The Loghouse took me months of on and off work. I would work for hours at a time on it

Q: On a scale from 1-10, with 1 being "super easy" and 10 being "super difficult", how would you rate game development??
A: Game development comes easy to those who are experienced in roblox game development. It may be difficult at first, but as time goes on the hardest part will be generating inspiration and creativity.

Q: What do you feel is more important? Building, or Scripting? Why?
A: Both are vital to game development. One can not be used in game creation without the other, unless you are making a game that solely represents either building or scripting (Building showcases, scripting showcases, etc)

Q: What tips would you give to the average player that wants to be successful?
A: Work hard and stay positive. Don't just focus on the "success" focus on doing what you feel is fun.

Hope this helps you all out on your game development adventure! Keep building and be unique. Have a good day!



  1. Felix BloxxersonMay 11, 2014 at 12:32 PM

    I like this new series!

  2. seems interesting :) Good luck for this Series!!!

  3. This is for ya'll who still don't know. This isn't a copy of Murder, or Murder Mystery. It's an adaptation of those two games.

  4. As I said, a Spinoff, an adaptation. I never said it was a copy.

  5. Famousburger (roblox name)May 13, 2014 at 3:52 PM

    This game is not a copy of murder mystery. This game has the same idea which is a killer, a sheriff, and innocents. This game THE MAD MURDERER is a very different game from Murder mystery. If he coppied murderer mystery there will be THE SAME NAMES BUT THERE ARE DIFFRENT NAMES IN BOTH GAMES. ALSO THE SHOPS ARE VERY DIFFRENT. In the modern society you people have to look, observe, and just typing false statements.

  6. It is nice and thanks for the comment!

  7. اسامة حسنJune 17, 2014 at 8:09 AM

    it is a game

  8. needs to be able to trade in for robux

  9. Moony Light CharmerJune 25, 2014 at 11:54 AM

    How do you use PP?!1

  10. I think it should be 100 pp for 2 tix

  11. Then What do I do with the PP?

  12. The murderer puppy guards the gun and the only way to get the gun if the murderer leaves the spot, beware the murderer will check and will kill the INNONCENT close to it. Add SWAT: it spawns if the murderer wons 2 times in a row, it has invincible armour and equidded with a machine gun that fires 10 bullets, ammo is infinite like the revolver. CHILD: If the child dies by the murderer, the innoncents won, if shot by sheriff, however murderer wont win, the innoncents will have to pick up the gun. BANDIT: Equidded with a AK-47 and fires 5 bullets before reloading. Also Equidded with a C4 that explodes every 5 seconds, the bandit have to die along with the murderer in order to win. PRESIDENT: The Sheriff or SWAT have to protect the president, if he dies, murderer and bandit automatically wins, The president must stick with the sheriff or SWAT. NEW CHARACTERS: Sam, Tim, Dan, Felisha, Swag.

  13. what is the name of the hat harry has

  14. they should be traded for robux, I say, 900 R$ for 1 PP

  15. The thing I don't like about Mad Murderer is that the game allows god hacking and speed exploiting.

  16. i think 100 player points for 2 robux


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