Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Best place to win Player Points

Hello guys, this is just a short article to take you to the best place to earn Player Points, unfortunately it is BC only though the owner does make it NBC often.

The game is Swordfight for Points 2, created by 1waffle1. At this moment in time, it only has roughly 4,700 place visits, though I am sure it will gain more.

I had been playing it for a while, only today, and was getting a point or 2. Then tonight I came back on, and you could win 3 or 4 points each round you that excited me. 1waffle1 then updated the place which annoyed me quite a bit, until I came back and it said 'Person with the most kills this round wins 65 Points'. I did not win that round, but every round after that for about 10 rounds, I won or came 2nd.

The aim is just to kill as many people as possible, you pay 4Rs for 5 lives, and that is the only way to enter unless a new round begins and then everyone gets teleported into the arena AND gets a free life. Each round, the amount of points lowers by 2: 65, 63, 61, 59, 57, etc...

I went from just over 200 points to almost 800 points, although I am going to probably get more and more!

This article wasn't for any purpose other than getting people to play his game, and helping people to get Player Points. P.S. My current rank, while writing this is 3rd.

To go to 1waffle1's Profile, Click Here.
To go to the game, Click Here.

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  1. Felix BloxxersonMay 8, 2014 at 7:44 PM

    Yeah no that game is just a waste of time. I suggest Roblox dodge ball by alexnewtron of fencing redux by whimzee. Anything is good accept this "game that earns you player points". 1waffle1 is bad luck.

  2. Felix BloxxersonMay 8, 2014 at 8:12 PM

    Opps! The comment below was from the first swordfight for PPs by 1waffle1. The 2nd swordfight for PPs keeps breaking. Also, BC players pay their hard earned money for extra Roblox features. NBCers don't. That would explain why its BC only.

  3. That Game is Dumb. Cause in the NBC version there is ALL MOST ALWAYS NO ONE THERE. HOW THE HECK CAN YOU GET PLAYER POINTS AT ALL?


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