Saturday, February 1, 2014

Top 5 Largest Groups on ROBLOX

Hello guys, this is just a random article on the 50 largest groups on Roblox on Saturday 1st February 2014. I wrote out everything on here (But the links). I counted the members myself to make sure, but they change every few minutes anyway.

The First Encounter Assault Recon - 1

Members: 141,977 
Public: Yes
Main Place: FEAR Fort Alianor
Link: FEAR

Team Domino - 2

Leader: Pieperson50
Members: 120,315
Public: Yes
Main Place: TD Fort Aamon
Link: TD

Vortex Security - 3

Members: 97,309
Public: Yes
Main Place: VS HeadQuarters
Link: VS

The Roblox Assault Team - 4

Leader: Cjsaurusrex
Members: 74,682
Public: Yes
Main Place: Fort Borealis
Link: RAT

LOL - 5

Leader: Shedletsky
Members: 79,352
Public: Yes
Main Place: N/A
Link: LOL

Thanks for reading the first 5 guys! Check out the Group Leaders, their main places and the groups themselves.


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