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Sunday, December 1, 2013

ROBLOX Turkey Hunt 2013 Guide

When I say 2013, it should really have been named 'ROBLOX Turkey Hunt 2009' as it was the same exact Thanksgiving event from that year. This is not at all a criticism of the game - it remains one of my favourite admin-created holiday maps to this date. Some elements of the game have been refreshed; all three prizes were replaced. At the Turkey hunt you can earn: the Golden Pilgrim Hat, Turkey Beanie, and Apple Pie.


The gameplay remains fairly basic, asking players to simply collect turkeys running amok in the woods. The turkeys do not run, as such, but more glide around at speed in any given direction. Going after these delicious birds can be time consuming and frustrating especially when they keep dodging you. Players are equipped with Wind Staffs that push players away in the direction you are pointing when activated with a wave of air.

When you finally collect the turkeys, they are added to your turkey bar at the top which acts as an in-game inventory. There are three different turkeys to collect; golden turkey, sparkling turkey with top hat, and your regular turkey. The golden and sparkling turkeys reward more points to the hunters and spawn more rarely than the regular ones. Once the turkey bar is full, simply take them back to the table to 'deposit' your catch as points. Players can also gain five points from touching the black, sparking orbs that randomly spawn on the map. The pink orbs are used to teleport players directly to the table - handy if you are planning on racking up a high score. The player with the most points at the end of the round wins the 'ROBLOX Turkey Hunt Winner 2013' badge.


Turkey Beanie
Turkey Beanie

To win this funky looking hat, you are required to win the 'ROBLOX Turkey Hunt Winner 2013' badge (earning the most points by the end of the round). This can prove challenging at times when you are against experienced and skilled opposition in the turkey field. Top tip: Go for the golden turkeys to increase your walk-speed!

Golden Pilgrim Hat
Golden Pilgrim Hat
To win this stylish looking pilgrim hat, you are required to find the secret room inside the turkey hunter cabin and walk onto the red block. To get to this secret room you will need a friend to aid you. Stand on the table directly outside the cabin and ask your friend to blow you onto the roof using their wind staff. Once on the roof, jump down the chimney and you are within the room. Once you have touched the red block you will be teleported outside the house and will find this shiny gold hat in your inventory.

Apple Pie
Apple Pie
To obtain this delicious looking gear item, you are required to cook 314 pies (no, I"m not kidding). To cook pies, simply walk up to the fridge and touch the door and collect a frozen pie, you are then required to go the oven to cook the pie. This will add a pie to your tally on the leaderboard - just another 313 to go eh?

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