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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hat Review: Midnight Blue Sparkle Time Fedora

Midnight Blue Sparkle Time Fedora
Midnight Blue Sparkle Time Fedora
Mesh/Texture: 10/10
The mesh is the same as every other sparkle time fedora. Still just as classic, still just as awesome-looking. The only difference from any other sparkle time fedora is the coloration. This sparkle time fedora is midnight blue, a very dark shade of blue. It appears to be darker at the bottom than at the top, the top lighter and more sparkly. The band is silver like with every other sparkle time. Although it is definitely the worst-looking of any sparkle time fedora, it looks just as amazing as any.

Price: 10/10
Although the original price was 5x as much as any other sparkle time fedora at a whopping 50,000 robux and its usual 100 stock, nobody can deny that it profited just as well. It sells for prices of 250,000+ robux, and was traded for Green Sparkle Time Fedora+ the day it was released. Although this is just because of the hype over it and Green Sparkle Time Fedora will soon pass it, being older. Midnight Blue Sparkle Time Fedora took much longer to sell out than most expected, about 10 minutes time. One reason is because all of the bots tracking it were expecting it to be 10,000 robux, and when it came out at the price of 50,000, the bots did not process the transaction. The same happened with users. Everybody was expecting it to be 10,000 robux and sold just enough of their items to get 10,000 robux, and when it happened to be 50k those people didn't have enough and had to just sit back and watch as it sold out, sadly.

Overall: 10/10
Sparkle Time Fedoras, no matter what the color or price, are always awesome and profitable hats, and this was no different. You can be expecting an Orange Sparkle Time Fedora at some point later this year, most likely around halloween, to complete the sparkle time collection. Like every sparkle time fedora, MBSTF will continue raising in value nonstop, so get one while you can.