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Friday, May 31, 2013

IBarrageI's Picks: BLOXcon Posters

Heyo, IBarrageI here.

As many of you may know, my passion in life is graphic design. So of course I jumped with joy at the announcment of the BloxCon Poster Contest. It's not always that Roblox do Graphic design contests, but the total of these contests this year has now totaled 2 with the Splash Screen contest being the other one.

(Ok. I don't like to preach, but here it my entry if you wish to check it out.)

Now, onto why I'm here

Below are some of my favourite entries into this contest with reasons why I like them. :)

First off, we have this entry from hammer142. He has entered his in for the London category.
I believe this is one of the most stand out competitors in this category as the overall feel of it is just so... What's the word? Strong? Yeah, strong. The reason for this is that it shows many aspects of the British icons, such as the red arrows, Big Ben, and of course, the bowler hats.

Next we have this Chicago entry from wall142.
Now let me stop you here. This design is so simple, that "apple took a patent out on it before it came out". Get it? Because they copyright everything that's simple?.. Ah forget it. 

This entry is so simple and elegant, that it just screams out "come to me" because it is so refreshing to see such professionalism in one image. *cough* ahem yeah I need to calm down now. Good work wall142. 

Next we have this NYC entry from IIFlipII

Thought wall142's entry was simple? Well check out this one. This style of graphics is what is known as "flat graphics". Whereby a design is limited to just simple logos, block colour and text with as little complexity within it as possible. This one is eye-catching aswell as professional. Definitely one of the front runner in this contest.

Next up we have this NYC entry from godsend

This entry has a lot going on, and it is sure to make people feel proud to be going to NYC to see the sights and scenes you will see in New York, such as the Statue of Liberty, The Shuttles, and many aviation machines.

Nice work godsend

Next we have this beautifully simple entry by TREVOR818730
Using the iconic ROBLOX avatar holding a torch, this gives a soft sense of adventure.
The skyline has also got shadows on it, obviously to pay homage to the newest release of dynamic lighting.
Once again, I feel that the simplest of entries are getting the most attention, and this one isn't different.

Here we have freaked's entry

The detail and simplicity of this speaks for itself.
Please, if I die now while looking at this, I'll die happy. As this is just the height of design.

Please, just keep doing what you're doing freaked.


After writing this post, it's put me in the mood of reviewing people's posters.

Be sure to send me your posters to me on twitter (@WayAboveSociety) to recieve a nice little critique on it. :)

Until next time. Goodbye my friends, goodbyyyyyyyye.