Sunday, April 28, 2013

Gear Review: Korblox - Fallen's Spine Blade

Korblox - Fallen's Spine Blade

Korblox - Fallen's Spine Blade

Mesh: 10/10
The mesh looks very epic and deadly. It's a sword made entirely out of bones. The bones of Korblox's ememies, I'd assume. The blade of the sword is made of what looks like a spine with sharp points sticking out both sides. The handle looks like an arm or leg bone of some sort, and the point in the middle looks like a thigh bone. You can tell a group of warriors is one not to mess with when they craft swords out of their foes' bones and use it against them.

Texture: 8/10
The texture of the sword's bones is a shiny black metal surface. It looks like the Korbloxian soldiers coated the sword in metal so it would be more durable in battle and not break so easily like regular bones. In between each of the spinal cord bones is a dull blue glow, like electricity or some blue energy holding all the bones together rather than just glue.

Usage: 7/10
You'd think that because it's a Korblox sword it would have some sort of special move or power, or at least some special attribute to it. But it doesn't. It simply slashes downward and that's all it can do. But it does about 50 damage per hit, making it a 2-hit-KO sword. And when you kill an opponent with it, it turns them to bones via the Skeleton Package in the catalog, which is an awesome effect - but not a new one; other gear also have this effect.

Price: 4/10
The pricing definitely could've been better. At first because it's an amazing sword made of bones, you'd think it would profit. It was 800 robux with 999 sold, even less of a price than the piano from last friday. But its average price stands at around 1,143 robux, which is the lowest the price can possibly be with the owners making 800 robux. So really, the sword made no profit whatsoever. It may raise or lower during the week, but I'd suggest selling or trading it away now as to not take any chances.

Overall: 7/10
The pricing could have been better due to there being zero profit, and it gets boring after a while considering it only has one attack maneuver, but the Korblox Fallen's Spine Blade looks epic, is powerful in battle, and can LITERALLY reduce your enemies to bones. It's not good in investment, but it's definitely good in a fight.

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