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Sunday, March 31, 2013

ROBLOX Egg Hunt 2013 Guide!

Greetings fellow egg hoarders! Today I bring you a comprehensive eggsponential guide of every egg that is currently available within the ROBLOX Egg Hunt 2013, which was beautifully crafted by the ROBLOX content team. The spawn areas, special abilities and tips to obtaining each egg will be detailed below along with important information about the map. (I promise - no more egg puns).

HUNT _Image

The Egg Hunt is a game published by the staff account named 'Games'; being joint-created by Tarabyte, Sorcus, Stickmasterluke and Brighteyes to name a few. The place has been visited a total of 1,367,732 times and has experienced 17,000 concurrent players making it easily the most popular ROBLOX event EVER. There are a total of 24 eggs that can currently be collected by players and all can be worn as hats. As of writing there are three unreleased badges which are all likely to be eggs that can be only be obtained on certain days of the hunt. These exclusive eggs will be added to the guide as the hunt progresses.

Egg Hunt Map

So without further ado, here is the ROBLOX Egg Hunt 2013 guide
(use CTRL-F to find the specific egg you are looking for)

WatermelonThis egg spawns in the grassland area very close to the ring of teleporters. It is a common egg with several appearing on the map at once and can be easily obtained with the player simply walking over it. Once the egg is collected, pieces of melon scatter around the player's feet - a juicy touch.

GGEThis egg usually spawns within the urban area of the map which is adjacent to the grassland surrounding the teleporters. It is a fairly common egg with there nearly always being at least one in the server. When the player approaches this egg, it rolls away from them - the best tactic to overcome this is to simply the corner egg leaving it no where to go.

                       Tiger Egg
Tiger EggThe tiger egg spawns in the grass areas around the map, often appearing near the teleporters but also across the bridge near the large tree. Again, this is a fairly common egg spawning just a little less often than the Watermelon. The egg jumps around a little, but is simple to obtain with the player just walking over it.

                       Full Moon Egg
Full Moon EggThis egg usually spawns around the teleports but can be found near the bridge on the smaller rocky section of the map. The egg will only appear at night, but is common. Once it spawns it will simply sit in the position it lands until is collected, making it easy to obtain. However, it will quickly fade away during the day.

                       Egg of Scales 
Egg of ScalesThis egg spawns within the cave inside the waterfall. It is usually found next to the teleporter within the cave and spawns fairly commonly. To obtain the Egg of Scales the player must first                  
walk over it to pick it up. The egg will now become a gear in the ROBLOXian's inventory and will circle around their head - the gear must be kept selected at all times otherwise the egg will fall to the ground and will have to be picked up again. Simply take the Egg of Scales to the top of the volcano and jump into the lava with it still selected to obtain the badge.

                       Outrageous Egg
Outrageous EggThis egg will spawn behind OBC players who are currently in the server. They simply drop behind them and will remain there until they are collected. The egg is common, but can sometimes be difficult to obtain due to the fact that the OBC player will often collect them accidentally if they walk over them as there are spawned. You do not need any kind of BC membership to obtain this egg.

                       Chocolate Egg 
Chocolate EggThis egg will spawn within the urban city area adjacent to the teleporters. The egg is quite common, with it spawning around the same quantity as the Tiger Egg. The egg has no abilities and will simply stay in it's position until it is collected.

                       Cannonical Egg
Cannonical EggThis egg spawns in the grassland across the bridge towards the large tree. It is quite common with two often spawning near each other. The cannonical egg will fire at and destroy eggs in the immediate surrounding area much like the eggsterminator egg from the 2012 Egg Hunt. The the cannonballs cannot harm users however and the egg does not move from its immobile position making it easy to obtain.

                       Builderman Egg
Builderman EggThis egg has one set spawn within the construction site in the city area of the map. It will always appear at the top of the site on a small platform. This egg is quite common with there usually always being one atop the platform. To obtain ask a few players to collaborate as a team and creating a ROBLOXian ladder up to the platform, voilà.

EggtraterrestrialThis egg will spawn in large quantities in the secret cave situated at the bottom of the waterfall. This cave can also be entered by using the blue teleporter (if activated). The Eggtraterrestial egg will also occassionally spawn near the teleporter ring and other grassland found around the map - including the village. The egg takes it's form in a parasitic lifeform which crawls slowly through the grass and spawns quite often, slightly rarer than the cannon egg. When the players approaches it, the alien will latch onto the player's face similarly to a facehugger (referencing the sci-fi classic: Alien). The creature will then drop off and turn black, while the player slowly takes damage and eventually dies with an alien egg growing inside their corpse. To obtain the badge the player simply has to return to their last position and collect the alien egg. (Egg is unavailable - removed and hatched to reveal the Alien Hatchling.)

                       Egg of Duty
Egg of DutyThis egg will usually spawn on the side of the volcano across the other side of the map, but has also been known to spawn on the rock formation around the bridge. The egg is slightly rarer than the Eggtraterrestrial egg, spawning less often. When the player approaches it, the Egg of Duty will fire projectiles at them. To obtain it, simply jump repeatedly from side to side gradually getting closer to the egg until it can be walked over.

                       Wizards of the Astral Isles: Egg
Wizards of the Astral Isles: EggThis egg has one set spawn with the tower at the centre of the map. The tower can only be accessed via a narrow bridge starting at the base of the volcano. The egg has roughly the same rarity as the egg of duty but there will usually be one in the server at any given time. When the egg is approached the Astral Isles Egg fires bolts of magic causing the movement keys of the player to be reverted. To combat this, simply use the opposite direction keys to walk up to the egg and collect it.

EggrachnophobiaThis egg can usually be found on the side of the volcano and inside the waterfall and will only appear at night. It is an uncommon egg with less appearing than the aforementioned eggs above. Simply walk on the egg to collect it as it has no abilities when approached. If the Eggrachnophobia egg is not collected within the set time-scale, the egg will crack and small spiders will hatch and swarm on the player, attacking their ankles.

Eggo-tripThis egg spawns within the city, also and within the village which is situated at the bottom of the valley surrounding the base of the Astral Isles Egg tower. While the egg spawns commonly, it is often challenging to find the egg specific to one user. To obtain the Eggo-Trip egg, the player must find one with their username tagged above it. Once it is pinpointed, simply walk over the egg to collect it.

                       Supersonic Egg
Supersonic EggThis egg spawns at the base or side of the volcano and is uncommon. When the Supersonic Egg is approached, it gains altitude and flies towards a new position; eventually dropping to the ground again. While this occurs, a sonic boom is created knocking the ROBLOXian over and preventing them from collecting the egg. The trick to obtaining it is to be quick enough to walk over it just after a previous flight. Having a friend approach the egg from another direction and forcing it to fly towards you would be another sensible idea.

                       Deviled Egg
Deviled EggThis egg has a set spawn in the underground temple beneath the teleporters. While the egg can be considered fairly common because of its spawn rate, the difficulty of achieving is an increase on the Supersonic Egg. To enter the temple, the player should walk through the red teleporter and then walk along the stone pathway through the great wooden doors. Once inside the player will be given a sword to defeat the boss AI. The best tactic to use it to sidestep out of the way of each row of bombs and then charge to the centre to slash the boss with the blade. Once the the boss' health has been fully depleted, the Deviled Egg appears in front of it - ready for the player to collect.

                       Cataclysmic Egg 
Cataclysmic EggThis egg spawns rarely and usually appears across the bridge on the adjacent rock formation. The Cataclysmic Egg will only spawn during an eruption and will send out a shockwave across the map destroying all other eggs in the server and knocking over all players. This shockwave occurs around every 10 seconds meaning it can be quite difficult to obtain especially if you are walking on ledges or across the bridge. The egg will also spawn rare Fabergé eggs - but these will be destroyed if the Cataclysmic Egg is not collected quickly.

                      Troll Egg
Troll EggThis egg also has a set spawn, only appearing under the bridge joining the two sides of the map. The egg spawns fairly often making it uncommon, but only one can exist in a server at a time. In order to obtain the troll egg (sorcus), the player must feed it 7 pieces of spam which can be found in the one of the buildings on the outskirts of the village. This proves to be a particularly gruelling task as the player has to walk back and forth collecting spam - this can take very long. Once the 7th piece of spam is fed to the troll, it will have reached its maximum size, it will disappear and the badge will be unlocked. (Egg is unavailable - removed).

                       Epic Egg of Growth
Egg of Epic growth This egg spawns rarely, only appearing within the large tree adjacent to the volcano. Players must first climb the tree to find the seed which the egg grows from. The player then must take the seed to the bottom of the waterfall and drop it into the fresh water. The ROBLOXians should then stand back and watch in awe as the seed transforms into a giant egg and then cracks to reveal a huge EPIC DUCK.

                       Dreamweaver Fabergé Egg
Dream Weaver EggThis egg spawns extremely rarely and can be found in a number of places. It is most commonly found in the cave inside the waterfall but has also been known to spawn on the side/top of the volcano and within the city near the construction site. The Dreamweaver Fabergé Egg like all other Fabergé eggs spawns randomly but can also be spawned if the Cataclysmic Egg is currently in the server.

                       Regal Dragon Fabergé Egg
Regal Dragon Faberge EggThis egg spawns extremely rarely and is usually found at the top of the volcano. To climb it, first enter the teleporter with the orange portal and you will arrive at the base of the volcano. The easiest route is to climb up the back of the volcano as there are easy to reach bricks leading to the top. The Regal Dragon Fabergé Egg like all other Fabergé eggs spawns randomly but can also be spawned if the Cataclysmic Egg is currently in the server.

                       Royal Fabergé Egg
Royal Faberge EggAs with all Fabergé eggs, the Royal Fabergé Egg spawns extremely rarely. It is usually found near the teleporter within the cave inside the waterfall. The Royal Fabergé Egg like all other Fabergé eggs spawns randomly but can also be spawned if the Cataclysmic Egg is currently in the server.

iEggThis egg spawns quite commonly, usually appearing near/within the city. The reason for the egg being so rarely collected by users is that they have to be playing on a (supported) iOS device (iPhone 4+, iPod Touch 5th Generation, iPad) to collect the egg. The egg is simple to collect with the player only having to walk over it to add it to their inventory.

                       Scrambled Egg 
Scrambled EggThis egg is quite rare and spawns within the city. It usually spawns near the red  cars dotted around the streets. Once the user walks over the egg it is held as a gear item until the player collects the badge. To collect the badge simply drop the egg off the cliff above the village or jump off with it. Hitting it against another brick such as wall at high velocity often is enough to break it and obtain the badge. When the egg is smashed, a pile of shell and yolk will appear beneath the user - simply walk over it to collect it.

                       The Last Egg 
The Last EggThis egg spawns commonly in various locations across the map. The Last Egg can spawn in the caverns inside the waterfall, but can also appear on the rocks surrounding the bridge - often right on the edge of the map at a hard to reach height. The egg can also be found very close to where the Cataclysmic Egg spawns. The player is required to simply walk over the egg to achieve the badge in contrary to the belief of some that all egg badges must have been attained to collect it. If you do not wish to hunt for this egg you can always pick it up for free here. 

Egg Hunting Tips

  • Put together a team of egg hunters and travel to the cave inside the waterfall. Rumour has it that by collecting every single spider egg that spawns within the cave you increase the chance of Fabergé and other rare eggs to spawn as something has to fill their places. 
  • Be careful when travelling the map or climbing the volcano during the eruption, large flying rocks will be fired at high speed out of the crater and will kill instantly on impact. 
  • The egg compass gear does not always lead to the rarest egg in the server - be careful when using it to find Fabergé eggs
  • If you are aiming to find every single Fabergé egg, it is worth investing in a copy of the Fabrege Cloner. It will save you a lot of time and save you from constant frustration. 
  • Waiting with a group of other people near the spawn of a rare egg is not recommended as you will have a small probability of getting it yourself - why not join another server?
  • Unlock all the teleporters for fast transport around the huge egg hunt map - this will make the whole experience a lot easier 

Thanks for reading!

Editor of Roblox News