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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Catalog Rumors: Return of Classics

Hello guys, chubbs21 here with not a hat or gear review, but a news report on some catalog rumors! (And things said by admins.) Today we will be focusing on four hats, Clockwork's Shades, Red Domino, Bluesteel Domino Crown, and Blizzaria: The Frozen.

Clockwork's Shades

Clockwork Shades are a vary rare hat on roblox. It originally sold for 19,538R$ and only sold on special occasions like Black Friday. It's a simple but expensive and sleek pair of shades. According to Admin BrightEyes in game, Clockwork's Shades will be going limited eventually, sometime this year. (A question asked by me, chubbs21) Since this is a rare hat with only 1,200 sellers, (with some who quit) My prediction for this hat's price will be about 40,000R$ - 50,000R$. That's a lot of robux!

Red Domino

Red Domino, better known as Red Domino Crown, is an old and rare hat. It originally came from a gift called Glowing Gold Gift of Superuser. This gift was purchased for 20,000R$ and given out to all moderators at the time. (Very few) It's a part of the Domino Crown series of hats and is one of the rarest. A user asked BrightEyes in game if it will go limited. Brighteyes responded saying they tried to make it limited once before, but it it glitched due to the texture. She also added that they will try again to make it limited. If this hat does go limited, I predict it will be worth 500,000R$ due to the looks and rarity.

Bluesteel Domino Crown

Bluesteel Domino Crown is a 2011 classic. It came out of the Epic Builders Present. It was awarded to the creators of the top 100 places on ROBLOX at the time. The gift was also purchased for 25,000R$. Brighteyes stated this hat may go limited as well as the Red Domino. (Probably around Christmas 2013) There are 363 owners of that hat, some deleted or gone, so it won't be worth as much as the Red Domino. I predict the worth of this hat will be 200,000R$ once it goes limited. Not as much but still a lot of robux.

Blizzaria: The Frozen

This hat sold recently this year for 100,000 Tix. It was the same price as Darkseed: The Fallen before that went limited recently this past Halloween. It sold on the President's Day Sale this year. BrightEyes confirmed that this will for sure go back on sale this December for the same price. She did not say, however, if it will ever go limited. 

That's all the news I got for today readers! Keep reading for more news and reviews!