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Friday, February 15, 2013

Rosy Retextures Contest Winners!

Valentine's day has passed, and lovers have exchanged gifts at candlelit dinners. However, love is still in the air and it is time for the contest winners to be announced. First of all, I'd like to congratulate all the entries on their continued ability to surprise me with their creativity. Each entry represented Valentine's day perfectly. It was extremely difficult to narrow the entries down to just three winners. Nevertheless I did come to an eventual decision with the three retextures that I believe boasted the most skilled artists.

So without further ado, here are the winners of the Valentine's 2013 Rosy Retextures contest. *jazz hands*

1st Place - Valentine's Fedora by DarkGenex

Valentine's Fedora
Sporting a detailed pinkish-red background and excellently placed hearts this retexture really is outstanding! The colours are well suited for the theme of the contest and are not too pink. I feel the silver belt really brings out the flare in the entry, causing a contrast of different colours and tones. The silver metallic lining of this belt  is well formulated and looks extremely authentic. All of this comes together to make a truly remarkable hat.

2nd Place - Heart Controller by rebellion666

Heart Controller by rebellion666
Judging from looking at the original hat, you can really tell that the creator has put a lot of thought and originality to this hat to make it his own. The way that they took such a simple hat, and effectively placed different textures on the rim and the top, makes it unique, especially with the metal plate at the centre with the shading and the aesthetically brilliant hearts. I feel that even though the colours are quite limited, together, they really help the design to stand out more. I love the fact that he has taken something so simple and made it his own, which is why I given this hat the 2nd place it so truly deserves.

3rd Place - 8-Bit Heart Tie by NonstopEpic 

8-Bit Heart Tie [PUBLISHED!!!]
The 8-Bit Heart Tie makes use of the ever popular retro graphics theme complete with a classic heart image found in many RPGs. The pink squares placed diagonally across the front of the tie add for an effective background gradually getting darker towards the heart. The colours fit the atmosphere of Valentine's Day well and the red is a welcome addition to offset the bright pink. Another great entry made by our very own  fabulous Catalog Manager - NonsstopEpic!

Runners Up!

Cupid's Bowtie {PUBLISHED}Cupid's Bowtie - by stickers000

With a rich velvet-like appearance and symbols that represent the theme of the contest, this entry would appeal to any Valentine. It was also published as an official ROBLOX hat, with it being renamed; XOXO Bowtie.

Hearts to one by rebellion666

Hearts to one - by rebellion666

Another brilliant cap produced by rebellion. With graffiti style hearts painted on the front and streaked texture in the background, this entry proves itself to have a fantastic design.

I would like to thank each and every one of you who entered this retexturing contest. The quality of the entries was extremely high as per usual and I had to employ a second adjudicator - my other half, in order to make the final decision on the three winners and to help write the post!


-Editor of Roblox News