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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

[General advisory]: Never give your Roblox login info to anyone, or anything that asks for it.

Hello Robloxians,

I just wanted to give everyone a general heads-up about something that has been occurring lately. Reports have been coming in that a new, "Login GUI" has been found in numerous games, saying that you will be disconnected from Roblox in X no. of seconds if you don't enter your information.

Example of what it looks like: 

What to do when you see it:

Me being a scripter/ex-hacker/exploiter, I know how this gui works. The way the gui works is simple. It gets all the players inside the game, and places a gui inside. The script is run from a master script, which phishes the information and sends to a specific player (The one who inserted the script.)

If you don't insert your information, the script will then 'crash-ban' you by using the trick that crashes a specific player's client. If you do insert your information (Right or wrong), it will flag it as incorrect. All results are logged to the player who is hosting the script.

If you do encounter this GUI, don't panic. You will not be logged out of Roblox, as in-game scripts cannot send HTTP requests to the actual Roblox site. Don't enter any information inside of this GUI, even if you're trying to troll the exploiter. The easiest thing to do is leave the game. Being that it's extremely difficult to tell where the gui originated (And from which script it was created from), contacting about it will not help with the issue. However, you can contact Briguy9876 (Twitter: @briguy9876) about it if you see this type of hack.

General safety tips for keeping your Roblox account safe.
1. Use a strong password (Ie: a-z,A-Z,0-9,symbols)
2. Don't use dictionary words in your password.
3. Only sites that have the address of, are ones in which you should enter your login information. If you're not sure, check the identity of the site. (How to check)
4. If someone asks for your password, report them. Roblox staff members never ask for your password.
5. Never, NEVER send someone your .ROBLOSECURITY value. The .ROBLOSECURITY value is your login cookie for (The keys to your house in a sense.)
6. Surveys are fake. Roblox will announce legitimate surveys. All other survey links are phishing attempts (Follow rule #3.)
7. Verify your email. Verifying your email makes it easy to recover your password + email in case of account hijacking.

By following those general rules, your account should be safe on Roblox. In the event that you do get 'hacked', contact a moderator about it. They are paid to help users have a great experience on Roblox.

Thanks for reading,