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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Gear Review: Year of the Snake Lantern

Happy belated Chinese New Year! As many of you know, the Chinese New Year was on Sunday. For those of you who are of Chinese descent, hope you had a pleasant weekend.
Now, without further ado, let’s ring in the year of the Snake!
This gear was added to the Catalog on Friday, 2/8/2013. At a price of 375 robux, it has recieved over 500 sales since then.  Now, for those of you who don’t know, it’s the Year of the Snake according to the Chinese. In honor of it, Roblox recently released the Year of the Snake Lantern.

Abilities: This is one heck of a gear. When equipped, it has multiple snakes, swarming around your character. If you click on an enemy, your snakes will then mercilessly attack that person. It’s as if the snakes suck the health out of you, because the opposing enemy’s health drains very quickly.
Once they are done, they return to your character, orbiting around you, ready to strike again. The damage output is great, but it lacks a variety of abilities. 7/10

Looks:  So, this gear looks like a traditional Chinese lantern. Chinese lanterns have been used since 230 BC, so they’re considered the oldest portable lighting devices. They were once believed to ward off evil spirits. I for one think this lantern does a good job with that, with those menacing snakes on the side of it. This lantern also has golden tassels, draping down from the bottom and the sides of it. 8/10

Pricing: This is basically a steal, considering how powerful this gear is, yet, how cheap it is. At the price of 375 Robux, I’d consider this a steal. 10/10
Overall, I’d rate this gear at 9/10.
I’d suggest buying, because it is really cheap, with a deathly spin.

Sidenote: Credit for this article goes to Jmanfh. I've had a really busy week and barely got any computer time. Had a couple of tests and, well didn't really get on the computer much, so I asked him to write it down for me.