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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Gear Review: Cupid's Beloved Blade

Cupid's Beloved Blade

Cupid's Beloved Blade

Mesh and Texture: 10/10
The texture and mesh were both very well done. The handle of the sword is gold and red and ends in a pink heart gem. And the handle of the sword is solid red metal with a pink heart crystal inside it. It definitely fits the Valentine's Day theme well and the shine effect on the blade really adds something.

Price: 8/10
The original price of the blade was 1,500 robux, and the stock was 450. When it sold out, the private sellers kept it at 2,500 robux for a while but the next day it shot up to 3,500 making the owners quite a bit of profit. It will likely go up to 4-5,000 robux on Valentine's Day due to it being specifically for the holiday.

Usage: 6/10
The sword is fun to use, but pretty simple and gets a bit boring after a while. The description of the sword talks about special moves, but I tried and nothing happens when I press the keys it tells me to. The sword does 5 damage per hit, which seems really low, but if you hit multiple limbs it can be powerful. Double click and it will send you into a rush attack in the direction you click. And in addition to that, anywhere on your opponent's body the sword touches turns pink. This sword adds insult to injury.

Overall: 8/10
It may not work like it's supposed to, but it still looks awesome, made a good profit, and is an excellent gear to own for Valentine's Day. Good work, roblox.