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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Blizzaria: The Next Generation of Darkseed.

Blizzaria: The Frozen
Blizzaria: The Frozen, is one of the 4 retextures to be published for the Presidential Sale. And was one of the most anticipated out of all 4 of them.

It sold for 100,000 Tix and has already sold more than 200 copies. The price of it was the same price as the original Darkseed: The Fallen (Which became limited last Halloween). This may suggest that Blizzaria is the new Darkseed.

Though, the texture has tried as hard as possible to be as different as possible from the other pumpkins.
GreenPumpkinBlizzaria the Shattered 2

Above are the textures of the Eerie Pumpkin (Left texture) and Blizzaria (Right texture). You can see the difference between them. Blizzaria itself has a wrinkled texture that makes it unique when compared to any other pumpkin.

And not only that, it works well as part of the family of pumpkins
Meet the Pumpkin family, with new arrival; Blizzaria
But of course, Blizzaria wouldn't of existed without it's creator - DarkGenex.

DarkGenex created Blizzaria half a year ago, and recently used only 1 ad in an attempt to gain enough popularity to win the President's Day Sale Survey.

DarkGenex's only ad for his retexture

Not only that, DarkGenex started a cult on the forums called "The Blizzaria Master Race"
This of which fueled most of the popularity of the retexture and helped secure victory for Blizzaria in the Survey.

Below are examples of a propaganda posters for the Blizzaria Master Race which were sprayed into many places with the Spray Paint Gear
3 5 1 2 7 6

The Creator of Blizzaria; DarkGenex kindly let me interview him regarding his retexture

IBarrageI: Hi DarkGenex, thanks you for letting us interview you today.
DarkGenex: No problem, thanks for interviewing me today.

IBarrageI: Ok. First question, what gave you the initial idea of Blizzaria?
DarkGenex: I saw Darkseed, and realized that it was going limited very soon, so I wanted to make a pumpkin to replace Darkseed that wasn't only Halloween specific. At this point, I realized that if I could make a pumpkin with ice or frost on it, it could technically be a pumpkin for Halloween and the Winter Holidays.

IBarrageI: Ah. I see. Did you encounter any problems when making Blizzaria?
DarkGenex: Many. The texture map is extremely annoying to work with, as parts of the texture are stretched out and it is almost impossible to make a perfect texture for a pumpkin that isn't a recolor. If you look in my decals, you'll find over 26 unused textures for Blizzaria.

IBarrageI: Blizzaria Master Race. Why do you think forums and the players within it responded so positively to this proposal?
DarkGenex: The term "Blizzaria Master Race" stems off of some of the phrases I use on the Let's Make a Deal forum, some I've created and some I didn't, such as "bananas r fud", "hi u ok", and "do you even lift". On a forum that you're familiar with, if something is said enough times then people will believe it and go along with it. It helps to be someone on the forum with a ton of posts and is somewhat respected in the community.

IBarrageI: Brilliant. What was the motive behind actually putting this proposal into motion?
DarkGenex: There's a place that some LMaDers go to, a chatroom on a different website. Anyway, sometimes I joke around with the user AterAstrum, and in one of our arguments about who lifts more, he stated that Blizzaria was inferior to something I can't remember. In response, I said "Blizzaria Master Race". From there, I realized it was a phrase that could be used by people in LMaD and I just spread it from there.

IBarrageI: The price is set at 100,000 Tickets. And not limited, to many player's dissapointment. What's your feeling towards this?
DarkGenex: As I've said before, I made Blizzaria to replace Darkseed. Darkseed went limited, so now there isn't any 100,000 tix hat in October to save money for. I expected it to be 100,000 tix. People are dissapointed with Blizzaria, and to an extend BSC (Bluesteel Crown) because they're not limited with low in stock. People would be even more dissapointed if they were limited with a high stock. As long as it's at a good price and not many people can get it, I'm fine with that.

IBarrageI: Well. Thank you very much for letting me interview you, an congratulations on getting Blizzaria published!
DarkGenex: Congrats to you for getting your Bluesteel Crown published to!

Thank you for reading. Leave any complements for DarkGenex's creation in the comments below. :)