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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Roblox News Contest: Frozen Retextures!

Greetings everyone, I hope you're having a great January! Due to the cold and snowy weather the UK has recently been taken hold by; I thought it would be fitting to launch a winter themed retexture contest - Frozen Retextures! This opens up a a selection of retextures ranging from: ice lords, helmets, (abominal) snowmen, the Yeti, winter knitted caps, icy shades or anything winter themed!


If you'd like to enter the contest, simply:

1.) Create your retexture on ROBLOX and upload it as a model and give it a suiting title. If you are new retexturing, check out this helpful guide. In the model's description insert the tag: 'Frozen Retextures 2013'.

2.) Private message arbirator on ROBLOX your entry. Title your message 'Frozen Retextures 2013' and include a link to your entry in the main message. You can send up to 3 entries, but all must be sent in the same PM. The entries will then all be added to this set for everyone to view!

3) From there they will be judged by myself (arbirator), and IBarrrageI. The top three entries will receive a model trophy each and will be featured on the blog for thousands to see!

The entry deadline is 1st February, 1:00 AM PST.

Good luck to all!


Editor of Roblox News