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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Place Review: Pilot Your Cart Through Obstacles

Hey everyone, PeerPants here with my third place review for Roblox News! Today I am writing a place review for a game that has been on-and-off the front page for a while now, and I have heard from a few people that its a good game. Keep reading to find out what I think of the place!

PiLoT yOuR cArT tHrOuGh ObStIcAlS!

Place Reviewed: PiLoT yOuR cArT tHrOuGh ObStIcAlS!
Place Creator: ScorpianII
Game Last Updated: 3 months ago

The first thing I noticed was that the title has a spelling mistake, and is very annoying to read. The creator, ScorpianII has spelt obstacle wrong, he has spelt it as obstical, which could have easily been avoided if he had taken a few seconds to check the spelling. The genre is Adventure, which is relevant to the game, but the creator has allowed all gear types, and weapons aren't really suitable in this game, as it will just cause people who have won to prevent other players from finishing the game. The VIP doors are a deep blue colour, which doesn't fit in well with the spawn area. I was almost immediately killed by someone who had finished the game and was stood at the start area, waiting to kill people who spawned.

After eventually getting away from the spawn area, I started the journey by going over a small section of track then into some water, which could have been better made because water is transparent, whereas the water which I went through had no transparency at all. After rising from the water I turned a corner and went into a forest. It had the green retexture of this hat, which is commonly used in places, and trees which, as far as I know, uses the mesh that this gear does. I suddenly thought to myself that the game is called Pilot Your Cart Through Obsticals, and I hadn't done any piloting yet, I had just let the track take me where it wanted.

The next area the track passed through was a snow-covered area, with a few headless snowmen and piles of snowballs. I saw a big pile of snow on the track ahead of me, and hoped this would be the first of the obstacles what I had to 'pilot' my way around. However, that was not the case and I saw no alternate track going around the pile of snow. I just went straight through the pile of snow, which is totally unrealistic. After the snow area, there was a beach was hilarious. There were a number of dead people lying down saying really stupid things (see the picture below). However, there had still been no input required from me, so I still hadn't piloted my cart, I had just clicked a button to set it off.

The next thing I passed through was a sewer, which basically consisted of a green substance on the floor with the track going over. There was still nothing I had to do apart from sit in the cart and watch the scenery change around me. There had to be something to do soon, hadn't there? The next corner took me into a cave, which was basically made up of brown slate bricks and rocks which used the same mesh as the trees earlier, the mesh that this gear uses. There had still been nothing which I had to do.

I have no idea what the next scene was supposed to be. As you can see, it was made up of a few red and bright-orange balls on either side of the track, and some inbetween the rails. It was probably the most pointless of all the obstacles. The last scene was a wild-west type area, with a desert and a few skulls on the floor. There was a last section of long track, then I arrived at the VIP area which only had a few weapons and a tiny track to go round. Lame.


Gameplay: 1/10

The title was misleading, there were no obstacles and no way to pilot the cart at all, apart from speeding it up / slowing it down.

Creativity: 1/10There are thousands of games like this on ROBLOX, and this blends in with the others, nothing exciting which makes it unique at all.

Effort: 2/10

Every single stage of the track was poorly made, very minimal effort. The creator could definitely have done better if he had actually tried. 

Overall: 1.5/10

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