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Monday, January 14, 2013

Nytraulics leaves Team Rudimentality

Nytraulics, the developer of Underscore, a top-down-shooter recently featured in the official Roblox blog, has left his development team named Team Rudimentality. At 3:19 PM PST January 13th, Nytraulics posted a shout on Team Rudimentality which read "I'm out." It would appear that soon after, he dropped out of the "Members" rank in the official group.
Team Rudimentality Logo

When pressed futher, the PR at Team Rudimentality, 3DShooter, stated the reason for Nytraulic's leaving was due to "social issues." One could only assume this means there were some communication problems or internal problems between members of the team, although this is not confirmed.

3DShooter also stated that development at Team Rudimentality "will continue as it has been doing for the past couple of weeks," and that it is unknown "at this time whether or not Nytraulics is going to continue with his game." A replacement for Nytraulics is currently confirmed to be not needed.

Nytraulics declined our interview.