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Monday, January 21, 2013

New Forum Updates!

If you were active on ROBLOX for the entire year, like I was, you'll agree that 2012 was probably not the best year community wise. (3.0 bodies, not many great limiteds, no contests, barely any holiday event games, etc.) This is probably why the admins are trying to work more with the community this year. The forums are a classic ROBLOX element that has existed since 2007 and has been great for the community to meet one another. However, it's been barely updated. Until now.

Recently ReeseMcBlox and the other admins talked over updates for the forums. Reese recently announced the forum updates, and there's been different views on it. Some believe it's a good change, but some others think it's the "forum-pocalypse." Without further ado, here is the list of updates.

  • A new forum will be named called "All Things ROBLOX" (ATR). It'll be a forum for discussing things ROBLOX-related only, and will have more staff interaction.
  • The current ROBLOX Talk is filled with too much spam posts because it's the first forum spammers see on the list of forums. However, this means that if ATR is the first forum on the new forum list, it'll likely become a spammer target too. Apparently, it's become too overwhelming for the mods to delete spam in ROBLOX Talk. Thus, RT will become similar to a chat room and move to the Club Houses section of the forum.
  • Let's Make a Deal is going to be moved to the Club Houses section as well. The only slight problem with this for RT and LMaD is that since it will be farther down on the forum list, that means that there will be less new forumers for the two forums.
  • ROBLOX Mobile will be moved to the ROBLOX section of the forums.
  • Off Topic will also be moved to the Club Houses section.
  • The "Hi, I'm New" forum will be merged into ATR.
  • The Role-Playing forum will be moved to the Entertainment section.
  • Rate My Robloxian will also be merged into ATR.
  • ROBLOXiwood will be merged into a new forum called "I Made That" (IMT). It'll be a forum themed all about creations.
  • Look What I Made is also being merged into IMT.
  • Finally, World Wide Chat and Language Center are being merged into "ROBLOX Global" (RG). It'll be a forum to discuss amongst foreign players.
These updates took place on Friday, January 18th, 2012. So far, most have approved the new updates. However, there's also fear of current active forums becoming inactive because of the new update. The admins have said there will be more forum updates soon. 

- NonstopEpic, Catalog Manager