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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hat Review: Golden Monstrosity

Golden Monstrosity

Hello readers! Chubbs21 here with another not-so-great hat review. You'll see why this really pointless hat is as bad as I think.I make it out to be.

Mesh: 3/10
"What is this? It looks like a basic hat that a native american would wear back then," is what some might say. The mesh is basically a mask of some kind of golden bird with horns. I don't even understand it myself. Unless you wan't to look like a native american wearing a strange beaked, horned, and golden bird, this hat is pointless.

Texture: 5/10
For this weird hat, the texture is ok. It is just a golden bird thing with interesting horns. The horns seem to be a greyish-blueish color with some golden dots at the bottom that don't make sense. As for the gold, it doesn't even look like a golden color that much. It's too dark of a gold at some parts and too white at others. There is just no perfect shade of gold on this.

Price Value: 7/10
For this dumb hat, 135R$ seems alright. I don't know if the 500 people bought this liked it, or just but it for no reason. To me, I would never buy this. It's just not worth it to me.

Enjoyment: 3/10
Why would one buy this? I have no idea. It can hardly make any hat combos, and I haven't even seen one person actually wear this. The only way I would buy this hat is if I wanted to play some native american role-play. I just don't see what's cool about it.

Overall: 4.5/10
This hat has a really weird mesh, a not-so-golden texture, a rather fair price value, and doesn't seen enjoyable to me. ROBLOX admins should work on more fun hats rather than stuff like this. There is an over-abundance of space, knight, and other mask type hats on ROBLOX.

Casual everyday hats would be a lot better to buy and wear.