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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gear Review: Bluesteel Alterer of Destiny

Bluesteel Alterer of Destiny

Bluesteel Alterer of Destiny

Mesh: 10/10
I like that they created an entirely new mesh for this particular sword rather than just retexture an old one. The handle alternates thickness until it reaches the blade, which tapers in at the bottom and gets larger near the top. The middle part[I unfortunately have no idea what it's called] branches out into 4 sharp points.

Texture: 10/10
I think the texture was applied very well. The handle alternates between gold and bluesteel, which I found creative. The middle is stone bordered in gold, and written in gold is some sort of secret language. The handle is pure bluesteel bordered by a small line of silver or steel.

Pricing: 8/10
For the first time in a while they did a good job pricing an item. It was only 250 robux. Quite a cheap price for a sword like this. I wish the stock would have been lower than 2000[1999 after somebody deleted it], it seems too many for a sword this powerful. But despite the stock, the prices shot up to over 2,000 robux, 8x the original price, and I predict it will get even higher at some point.

Usage: 6/10
I was extremely disappointed when I tried out the sword in-game. Despite its awesome looks and high private seller price, it performs quite poorly. It has 3 attacks: A regular attack, a rush attack, and a jump attack. The normal attack is as it sounds, you simply swing your sword. It has 15 slash damage and 20 lunge damage. The rush attack sends you forward quickly, knocking your opponent over. The jump attack sends you high in the air and then crashing down. It's an instant kill if you do it right. This all sounds very cool, but there's one big problem: they're completely at random. There's no activation buttons, no clicking pattern. You just swing the sword and hope it goes with the attack you want, which can get frustrating. You also have to have the cursor on the opponent, because if you click off to the side the rush attack will send you flying away from your opponent. I was going to include a video but it wouldn't let me, sorry about that.

Overall: 8/10
Even though the sword performs poorly in-game, it did excellent as far as profit, and you're lucky if you managed to get it for 1,000 robux or lower.