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Monday, January 28, 2013

Crescendo finally sells out!

Crescendo, The Soul Stealer

Three months after it's release in October, Crescendo, the Soul Stealer, has finally sold out! Due to fact that the Crescendo was taking an incredibly long time to sell, the admins recently put a timer on it so it could sell out even though all the copies haven't been sold. (The admins have been adding timers to rare limiteds lately because of the fact that they keep overpricing these rare limiteds.) Crescendo sold 72/100 copies in 3 months, which shows how it barely had demand with the community.

Crescendo was overpriced at 50,000 robux, which was another reason why most people with 50k didn't want it. Crescendo is currently failing investment-wise, as NOBODY has sold it yet, and people are trading it for items less than 50k value. This sword is the second part (first part was Telamonster, the Chaos Edge) of a new sword series Sorcus is making, possibly as a replacement for the SFOTHIV sword series. (read more about it here) There is a good chance that the 3rd sword of the 7 swords in the series is coming soon, and so far both swords in the series have been ultimate failures. Just saying; be careful with spending your money on upcoming rare limiteds. Here's a review of Crescendo.

Mesh: 8/10

I really like how this mesh resembles an extremely deadly blade. The shape of the sword looks good, but it doesn't look sharp at all. The handle part looks pretty good, and I like the 6 claws coming out of it. However, the handle could look a bit better if the claws were a bit bigger, thinner, and sharper.

Texture: 7/10

The blade looks really dark and deadly, and the handle looks well polished. The claw texture though looks a bit clip arty, and the eye looks scratchy. The strange markings on the blade are nice but the blade could use a bit more rough texture.
Price: 1/10

50k is a ridiculous price for anything, especially a sword. Swords can only be brought into a limited amount of games, meaning, you can't bring gear into most games. Plus, even though Crescendo is a one hit kill, it's easy to combat it because there's so much useful cheap gear in the catalog.

Community Enjoyment: 3/10

The only people who would really enjoy this sword are sword fighters, people involved with clans, and those who aren't either but bought the sword. The only legitimate reason someone would want this sword is to be the best at some fighting game, but most people didn't like it because of how long it was taking to sell.

Creativity: 8/10

Crescendo is one of the few rare limiteds lately that isn't copied from a pre-existing item, which means it was made from scratch. I like the idea of a new swords series to replace the finished SFOTHIV sword series, but the whole point of the sword didn't seem super creative to me. Crescendo, if you didn't know, is a one hit kill sword that also heals your health when used. There's already lots of one hit kill gear in the catalog and lots of health replenishing gear in the catalog too, so it's not really anything new. However, it does have a pretty cool soul-blast attack that's original.

Usefulness: 10/10

Crescendo is definitely the gear to have if you want to dominate any gear-allowed fighting game. It's a one hit kill so it's one of the most powerful swords on ROBLOX. Also, the more people you defeat, the more you can get healed, so it's really useful in combat. Plus, with the soul-blast attack, you can deal huge damage to multiple players at the same time. This is definitely one of the best swords ever scripted.

Overall: 7/10

Crescendo is a great sword, but it was just priced badly. Hence why nobody really wanted it.

- NonstopEpic, Catalog Analyst