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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Staff Bio: Theovert

'Ey guys, it's Theovert (Pronounced Theo-Vert, or The-Overt like everyone else calls me).

Like PeerPants down below me (take a look at his fancy fedora and antlers), I'm one of the newly-hired Place Reviewers. I'm gonna be submitting a christmas themed review in a while, so stay tuned. Now, let's cut to the chase and let me tell you a lil' bit about who the heck I am and what the deal with my shirt of the guy going :0 is.

I joined Roblox a little too late in some opinions. May 2009. Of course, I still believe the prime years of roblox are 2007 to early 2009, so I didn't miss very much. The community was slowly deteriorating (yet still good in some parts, and Jaredvaldez4 didn't ride to power yet, back then it was STHXX), and things were slightly going downhill. But hey, I was 9 at the time and I just wanted to see things blow up into smitheroons.

I also, ah, stayed way more obscure than my fellow comrade PeerPants did. My favorite game at the time was Terrain Tourney (it used to have like 250 more cars back then), and I tended to just goof around with my friends LEGOLOCO321 (currently RobloLego) and Turbozester (Shout-outs!) most of the time. I helped out a little by contributing fanmade cars to Turbo so we could race 'em and stuff.

Fame was never really my thing. No matter how many times I've tried to make a decent game with my poor knowledge of scripting, I have never surpassed the admittedly mostly free-modeled paradise of Palm Springs Skate Park, which gained over a measly 1,434 visits. Still, I was the kind of guy who, if I noticed I suddenly got an extra ticket, would quit whoever he was doing and immediately head to PSSP and join whoever was there so he/she'd have someone to play with. (I was running ads at the time, and I'm talking early '10, back when Skateboards were just released and they were essentially silent 2x6s with wheels on them. Still, they were pretty radical.)

I tried my luck by making a short-lived group called United Fighting Breakfast Foods, a breakfast-themed war group. It had about 20 members in it before I quit it. Then I made the 'Yellow Vortexes', a Roleplaying group. It died early on too. Then I decided to join a group. Cyco Clan. It was perfect, a group where I finally wouldn't get judged for suggesting that we make Flaming Lemon Shotguns standard issue in the Cyco Clan Military.

An old Anti-Stealing poster I did for Turbo.
2011 soon came and I was playing Minecraft A Familiar Blocky Mining Game most of the time. I still played Roblox though, and during this time I met someone who soon became one of my greatest Friend-Enemies. MeAreMe, aka AdmiralCardboard, aka Hryed, aka a million other aliases he came up with literally every day. I attended Roblox Rally back on August 1st (i was the kid with the blonde ponytail, blue polo, and blue fedora with "BOX NINJA" sticker on it). It was a blast. After that, I stopped playing Roblox for some reason until January '12 came along. Then I started playing again.

I tried to kickstart my sudden comeback by making a new concept, Surrealist Combat, which was essentially a BrickBattle where you had to FIND all your weapons, but you would get something absurd like a "Taco Blaster" or a "Toy Foam Cutlass". It was my attempt at making a game like MattyDeepFire's Ultimate Battle because I liked it so much. It never became successful, and most of it was conceptual anyways.

(If I had a dollar for every game I wanted to make but never had the time/knowledge/scripting abilities to make it, I would be richer than freakin' Merely.)

And here I am today, typing these words on this text editing program on Firefox. I don't know what actually productive things I've done in my time on Roblox, but hey. I've had a blast doing nothing but being the true, childish little noob I am today (and pestering my arch-rival Crystal55 sometimes). And I vow to give my opinions on the popular Roblox games so that people will know if the place I reviewed is COMPLETELY EPIC AND AWESOME or if it SUCKS.

Also, guys, thanks for all the support. Me and my bro Peerie couldn't have done it without you guys. Additional shout-outs to some good friends of mine: Komonoto, Froof41, DarkKyraki, Moflaffle, Jellyrolljhi111, Jimpy, Anyone I forgot, and you, the reader(s), and that one fortunate Roblox ad I saw on YouTube that one day that made me finally click.

So, yeah. Peace out, and you get +1 charisma for reading this huge text wall I just built to keep the Zombies, Noobs, and JaredValdez4 out.

-Theovert, Place Reviewer

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)