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Monday, December 31, 2012

Gear Review: Korblox Flying Oblivion Horn

Hello, Pajke here with a review about the Korblox Flying Oblivion Horn

This gear was added to the catalog on Thursday, 12/27/2012. Honestly I was surprised, since it wasn't friday, but it's a good item nonetheless.

Abilities: Practically, what this item does is call forth a personal army of undead skeleton birds. Upon activation of the gear by clicking it, your character blows the horn, summoning five Korblox Wraiths. The birds, shoot purple fireballs at any approaching enemy. Leaving the gear equipped will give a bonus to the birds damage and fire speed. So, 15 damage without the gear equipped, and 25 damage with it. You can control the movement of the birds , and they can even slow your enemies. They last for a full minute, and then fly away. Easily countered by items such as speed coil, or items that make you fly7/10

Appearance: The gear itself looks like a trumpet with a few spiky enhancements. The inside of the horn is blue, and it has a few ice spikes on it. Not really much to say. The birds however, they are beautiful. Just look at that glorious creature. Blue glowing eyes on a skeleton is always creepy. Purple fire matches it perfectly. Just like on the gear it has ice spikes on it's back. It's wings are well made, but in my opinion it could use a bit more fire on the edges. It also has a tail. 8/10

Pricing: Icy Arctic Fowl and the Phoenix give you one bird for 500 robux. This gives you five times the amount of birds, for twice the price. Other comparison is the Korblox Skeleton Wraith which came out of a 2012 Halloween gift and it costed 1000 robux, it only gives you one skeleton bird while this horn gives you x5 for the same price. So this is a pretty good price for this item. 10/10

Overall I'll give this gear an 8/10, it's very good and worth the buy. 

Fun fact: The texture and mesh of this item were uploaded by an account called SquareWoot.