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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Gear Review: Dual Illumina

Dual Illumina

Hello readers! Chubbs21 back with a special holiday gear review! Today we are reviewing the "Big Gift's" (The Coolest Gift) prize! Dual Illumina!

Mesh: 7/10
The mesh is the exact same as the original Illumina, except there is 2 of them. It is a basic sword mesh that many other swords use. It has the basic look of the sword, the "ball" at the bottom, the handle, the "spikes" off the handle, the long sharp blade. Classic is all it is. From a first glance when looking at your character, one might think you have the original Illumina. ;)

Texture: 7/10
There is no texture on this gear, but it does have a cool look. It has some reflectance with a grey color. It also has pink sparkles to give it a better look. It would be pretty dull without the sparkle. Nothing else really can describe the looks of this sword. It seems kind of plain to me, I don't know about you but the staff could have done a better job when they made the first Illumina.

Controls & Abilities: 10/10
This sword when touching someone does 50 damage.
 When clicking on someone, it does 100 damage. (1 hit KO.)
You can "spam-click" and press Z to spin, then it makes an "Illumina Tornado" that deals 100 damage
The things these swords can do is well worth the cost.

Cost: 10/10 
For 2 Illuminas, 40,000 robux was an amazing price. One Illumina cost 2M currently, but is priced about 1M. And don't forget, you basically get 2 Illuminas. I'd say if you got this, you should be happy. There were only 408 people who received the gift along with it's prize. Pretty rare if I say so myself. 

Overall: 8.5/10
This is a great gear that has awesome abilities and an amazing price. The mesh and "texture" is ok. If you have this gear, you will look rich. (That is, if not everyone is wearing it.) I do say if I got the gift along with the dual Illumina I would be pretty happy. Even though most were expecting an Ice Crown or Domino Crown retexture like I was, It was a good gift prize. Happy Holidays everyone!