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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Gear Review: 2013 Firework

Today I'll be reviewing the yearly firework gear, the 2013 Firework.

2013 Firework

Abilities: 8/10

The 2013 firework is like any other firework: you click to launch it up and it explodes to create an effect, but I found this one pretty unique. When it explodes, one of 4 designs is created out of flames, rotates 360 degrees, and then falls. The 4 designs are pictured below.





While a very cool effect, it gets boring quickly because there are only 4 effects. They should've added 8-10 effects for variety, but that is just my opinion. If multiple people fire off the 2013 firework at the same time, though, the effect is pretty amazing.

Design: 7.5/10

I thought the design was really good. The tip on the firework is solid blue with light/dark blue stripes on the body. The center is a strip of silver going around the entire firework with "2013" in blue letters.
The reason I rated the design 7.5 instead of 10 is that they stuck to just one color besides the strip of silver in the middle. The tip is blue, the body is blue, the letters are blue. Some variety would've been nice.

Still, the design is definitely less sloppy than most of the past fireworks...

Price: 9/10

I thought the price this year was pretty good, only 100 robux. One year they released 3 fireworks, each with a price of over 300 robux, very unfair. It should have been 10 tickets or something along that price so that NBCers could celebrate new years, but they do have the magical character-shrinking sparkler.

Overall: 8/10

If there's an item you'd like me to review that hasn't been already, feel free to send me a message! I'm Axelthehedgehog on Roblox.