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Monday, December 24, 2012

Candy Cane Launcher Gear Review

Hio, pajke here, I'm not really good at introductions so I don't plan on writing a long one. Just a quick hello. This will be my first article on this blog. First of all, I'd like to thank arbirator for creating it, and everyone on the staff for writing amazing articles throughout the last few years. It feels good to be part of the team.

Now, down to my review. I will be talking about the Candy Cane Launcher. It's a LimitedU item, released on Friday, 12/21/2012.

Abilities: This gear has no special powers, it's just a machine gun, which shoots candy canes at a rapid rate of 10 per second. The damage output is balanced. If you shoot from a distance farther than 300 studs, the candy canes will start falling down. If you hit something, the canes get stuck in them, and disappear soon after. 5/10


Looks: What it lacks in it's abilities, it makes up for in it's christmasy appearance. It's amazing how they managed to turn such a brutal machine, into Christmas cheer. It is also highly detailed. Take a look at the clip, it holds candy canes. You have magazines which look like they are filled with various types of sweets. Snowflakes on the gun, and there are even three color varieties of holiday lights. It looks great on the character too. Whoever designed this obviously put a lot of work into it, and for that I give them kudos. 9/10

Pricing: 200 robux for this item was practically a steal. If you got it for that price, then without doubt, you can consider yourself lucky. Not only did you just make at least a 300% profit, but you got an amazing looking gear to play around with for a while. It raised to 800 robux overnight, then it dropped a bit. And then it went back up. Currently the price is settled at around 900 - 1000 robux. In my experience, the gear will keep bouncing up a bit, and after Christmas, it will start dropping. If you're into making money, and you got it when it first came out, I suggest you sell it now, before it starts dropping. But you know, it could still go either up, or down. 10/10

This is a great item to have, and indeed a very profitable one. Beautifully designed, and even though it doesn't have many functions, still fun to use. My overall score for it is 8/10