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Sunday, November 25, 2012

War Turkey Gear Review

Hey guys, I'm back with a gear review of the "War Turkey". This weapon... is just... extreme. You'll see why. Let's get started: 

Mesh: The mesh is a turkey, who would have thought? Anyways, it is a very cool turkey, properly shaped and everything.It's pretty insane. Without the texture, it'd be pretty hard to tell what it was (like a lot of other hats/gears). But that's not bad, it's nothing to judge on. A very cool and well made mesh. 10/10.

Texture: Um. It's the colour of a stereotypical cooked Turkey, but it's a bit bland. I mean, for a war turkey, it could have some more dramatic colours on it. Not just tan. Although, the colour is accurate, slightly. It does look like a cooked turkey, and it's the thought that counts. It is a good colour, I'll give it that. 7/10.

What It Does: Okay, are you ready for your minds to be blown?

When you aim+click... IT THROWS A TURKEY. OF WAR. I can't put my finger on how much damage it does per hit, but it seems to be like maybe 10-15? Here's a video of me displaying its amazing power: (link:

Anyways, it is a pretty cool function. It's pretty neat, so I'll give it a 10/10.

Overall: Overall, this is a pretty cool weapon. It's funny how you can throw a TURKEY OF ULTIMATE WAR at someone. The mesh is cool (and odd), the texture is accurate, and the function is WICKED. It gets an awesome 9/10.


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