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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mango's Tutorials: How to create successful ads

Advisement's; some are good, some are bad. Some get lots of clicks, some don't. Today I'm going to teach you how to make good ones, that people will click.

Really, there are only 2 types of ads people will click:

  • Humorous ads
  • Very well made ads

If you have an ad that includes humor, it doesn't necessarily have to be well made. Because if you can get the person to laugh, that's all the matters.

So, since this isn't "Mango's Tutorials: How to be funny", were going to focus on well made ads. Beautiful hand crafted ads that show whatever they are advertising.

Since I don't really know what graphics program you use, I'm just going to tell you what people like to click, and hopefully you can re-create those effects on your program.

Here's one of my simple examples:

See how the text is nice and bold? This is a plus for ads. When your clicking around the Roblox site, your going to completely ignore the ads unless something really pops out at you.

Here's an example of a poorly made ad:

Sorry to whoever made this, but it's not something I, or probably you, would click anytime soon. It's to simple, bland and looks like a stop sign. You want to ad many colors and ambient into your ad, it doesn't have to look like a stop sign to pop out.

Here's another bad example:

Whats wrong with this one? Well for one, it doesn't pop out. Two, it looks like someone just cut out pictures of a magazine and pasted them onto an ad. This is another thing you don't want to do, copy and paste pictures to the ad, unless of course you actually have a nice background and have the ability to put drop shadows and ambient around them.

This is what a good ad should look like:

Clean. Organized. Pops out. Colorful. Ambient's. Drop shadows. Captivating text. All in all, you really want to include these in your ad, because if you don't, it will just get lost in the competition.

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