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Thursday, November 22, 2012

How to Get An iPad Tablet Gear / Black Friday Items

Roblox Tablet
Hello Robloxians, it's me, jirachidog, back again to inform you on how to increase your chances of getting a Roblox iPad Tablet. However before I start I want to warn you that no one is guaranteed to obtain one. You especially don't need to buy robux to get them. If you spend about 500$ you will only get around 70k robux. Why spend 500$ for 70k robux if you can just buy an iPad for 499$.

It's also almost Black Friday! These tips will also help with you getting the latest limiteds!

Here's some facts I've found about the iPads:

  1. At least 10 are being made
  2. They come out at odd timezones for PST. (For example 4 AM) Other time zones are at 7 AM.
  3. The first 10 raise in intervals of 10k
  4. They get botted
  5. You are given an iPad 3 (Retina Display) if you get one
  6. [LMaD] It was heard that Roblox is mainly giving it to users who make games.
There are only a few left but you still have a chance!

Here are some tips on how to get it:

  • Do NOT use the TC:
Black Friday is coming nearing us and the TC rates are raising! Before Black Friday the rates were at 12.0. But now the rates have risen to 14.0 This means that instead of needing 12 tix for 1 robux you need 14 tix. It my seem like a little but when you calculate it you can lose a couple thousand robux.

  • Get The Google Chrome Hat Notifier:
Although the tablets aren't hats you have a special feature. You can see when Roblox is online or offline. Roblox being on is only a small factor. From experience when Roblox is on there is a 10-25% chance that a tablet is coming out in the next hour.

  • Bookmarking Pages:
This is one of my personal secrets. If you have Google Chrome you can easily see bookmarked pages. Have a page for Roblox's Profile, Catalog, and Let's Make a Deal. Refreshing these 3 pages will alert you if a tablet is out.

  • Have About 10k Robux Handy
Black Friday is the one day of the year where the poor can become rich. If you really must. Sell things on your alts and mains until you have at least 5k. Like last year's Rainbow Shaggy. 2k robux can turn into 200k.

  • Do Not Rest
Both the iPads and Black Friday will have items coming out at random times. For the iPads most have came out at midnight or very early in the morning. Black Friday items will come out from 12:00 AM-12:00 PM for the most part

I hope you get the most bang from your buck! If you have any questions or want more information you can pm me here. @jirachidog