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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hat Review: Dominus Vespertilio

Dominus Vespertilio

Hello guys! Welcome back to another hat review from me, chubbs21! Today I am reviewing one of my favorite hats, Dominus Vespertilio!

Mesh: 9/10
This mesh is very different from the usual Dominus meshes, as the mesh has completely been re-done. The hood itself is now smaller than usual as seen from the thumbnail. This Dominus is original because it has bat wings instead of the usual feathers. I do say, the wings were made very nicely and go along with the texture. The metal plates on the bottom are the same old usual armour pieces that attach to the hat itself, but look good on your character.

Texture: 8/10
The texture on this Dominus is VERY simple, at least the hood part. It really is just a grey hood, but in most cases a Dominus is supposed to be a one-colored hood. As for the buttons, they look like some kind of silverthorn material with a cool green lightning thingy in the middle. The wings are the best part. They go with the new mesh perfectly and also have the cool lightning effect. Looks like some time and effort was put in to it, not just a google image. ;)

Money Value: 10/10
For a gift that was 31,000 robux, I say this hat is well worth it. First off, who doesn't want a Dominus for that cheap if they can afford it? Once, and if, this goes limited next year, I say you will earn profit, big time, so this hat was also a great long term investment! It will probably sell for around 100k. 

Enjoyment: 10/10
I personally enjoy this hat so much I can't stop wearing it! I even made it go with a pilgrim outfit, for the upcoming American Thanksgiving. This hat goes exceptionally well with Silverthorn Antlers. I hope to wear it untill I get more money for it than I payed! 

Overall: 9/10
The elements this hat has just makes so awesome! The good mesh, texture, perfect value, and enjoyment all make it a great, profitable hat!