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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Halloween Gift Roundup!

All the gifts have finally opened! Here is an overview of each. (Note: I really apologize for the lateness of this post, due to not having internet the last week of October and due to being busy with other things.)

Ghost Tie

The Ghost Tie came out of the first gift, the Gift of the Ghastly Ghostie. It was predicted correctly by many, and was worth 100 robux. I believe this tie was definitely worth it, as it's very cool looking and goes good with other hats in various combos. 

Vlad the Impaler, VII

Vlad the Impaler VII came out of the Gift of the Count's Coffin, and was worth 200 robux. Most did not see it coming, so very few actually predicted it correctly. Most would say that this gift was not worth it, as even though its better than last year's Vlad, this Vlad the Impaler resembles those cheap Level Up hats from last year. Also, it's very ugly like the other Vlad the Impalers.

Pumpkin Headrow

The third gift, Gift of the Jack-O-Lantern Matryoshka, had the Pumpkin Headrow. It was worth 3000 robux, making it the second most expensive gift this October. Like the first gift, this gift was predicted correctly by many as well. Some believe the Pumpkin Headrow was worth it and others believe it wasn't. I think the Pumpkin Headrow is a really neat hat and is excellent for combos, but it's worth something more like 1500 robux. This gift later went limited, and is now failing hard, selling around 600-1500 robux. Honestly, this gift was unfortunately a rip-off.

Pile O'Eyes

Inside of the Gift of the All Seeing Eyes was the Pile O'Eyes. It was worth 75 robux, making this the cheapest gift of Halloween 2012. Just about everyone predicted this gift correctly. Honestly, this gift is worth more like 20 robux, because it isn't that great of a hat. It also seems as if the admins just copied another fail gift hat idea. Then again, it doesn't really matter whether the gift was worth it or not because it was extremely cheap.

Werewolf Claws

Werewolf Claws came out of the Gift of Clawed Combat, making them the first gear to come out of a gift this October. These claws were predicted correctly by a majority of Robloxians, like the Pile O'Eyes. These claws were worth 1000 robux, and I believe they are extremely overpowered in game. Werewolf Claws act like a sword in-game. You use them to slash at your opponents. In-game, you have two claws at once, making these claws twice as powerful as your average sword. Double clicking allows you to do a fast lunge. At nighttime, you can walk faster and you have double health. These claws were definitely worth 1000 robux.

Skull and Crossbones Fedora

Now for the BC gifts. The Stylish Gift of Skeletons was BC only and inside was the Skull and Crossbones Fedora. This fedora was worth 500 robux, which is an extremely cheap price for a fedora. Not many saw this coming, but everyone loves this fedora. It has a mesh very similar to the Shady Business Hat, and the texture looks great. This fedora was definitely worth 500 robux, as fedoras are valued much more than 500 robux.

The Ochre Eye

The Ochre Eye (which many were predicting), came out of the Gift of Turbo Vision. It was worth 500 robux and was TBC only. Many have liked this new eye and some even call it the new Crimson Catseye. The texture itself is very similar to the Crimson Catseye in many ways. They're both very dark and big eyes. For 500 robux, this hat was a great deal.

Korblox Skeleton

Inside the Outrageous Gift of the Undead was the Korblox Skeleton. It's the only package gift this Halloween, and was worth 500 robux and OBC only. For an OBC package, this package is very cool and neat. I'd consider this package to actually be the best skeleton package, and most of the community loves this package. It was somewhat unexpected, but was definitely worth 500 robux. I love how the two arms are very different, and also how it came with a free hooded skull.

Angry Cyclops

The Angry Cyclops came out of the Gift of the Cauldron Born to much surprise. It was worth 250 robux, and is good, but not great looking. Okay, so yes, the thumbnail does not look that great. However, the hat fits and blends perfectly on the Robloxian head, and is great for combos. It's not a terrible hat, but not a great hat. I believe this hat was worth more like 100 robux, but it still is a decent hat.

Sorcus' Chair

Alright, this has got to be one of my favorite gifts this year. Sorcus' Chair came out of the Surly Gift of Sorcus II, and acts similar to the chairs in Chair Racing. It was worth 707 robux. When equipped, you can either ride the chair or throw the chair. If you are riding the chair, you can move super fast. Not to mention, everyone you hit when riding in the chair will fall over and the chair will say stuff such as "TROLOLOLOL" or "UMADBRO". Also, it's a bit fun to jump around in the chair and see what happens. You can throw the chair at someone by hitting the Q button. Anyone hit with the chair will fall over, have a chair stuck to them for a couple seconds, and the chair will again say some funny comment. Sorcus' Chair is a hilarious gear and was definitely worth the money.

Wolf Amulet

The Wolf Amulet, like the anonymous user "predicted", came out of the Gift of the Fool's Moon and was worth 300 robux. This hat was definitely not worth the 300 robux in my opinion, and I have many reasons as why to say that. It's very small, and hard to see. I also don't like the wolf amulet itself, and I think it looks a bit ugly. I've also heard from other users that the hat is somewhat placed wrong on your head. Overall, this hat was a big waste of money for most users.

Korblox Skeleton Wraith

Like many predicted, the Korblox Skeleton Wraith (or bird), came out of the Gift of the Korbloxian. It was worth 1000 robux. In game, this gear acts very much like the phoenix gear. It hovers around the map and targets enemies. However, this bird shoots overpowered fire at foes, and only takes 2-4 shots to kill an enemy. It also emits a huge purple glow every 10 seconds, that is a massive damage dealer to players surrounding the bird. The bird can also be used with other gears, making this gear very much worth the 1k.

Dominus Vespertilio

Okay, this is what we've all been waiting for. The Dominus Vespertilio came out of the Gift of Sinister Ascension, and was worth a massive 31k. This gift probably fooled everyone who predicted it, as most of the clues about the gift led to belief that a Black Iron Domino Crown was coming out of it, instead of a second Halloween-themed dominus. This dominus is the least rarest dominus, and also does not have the original dominus mesh. The hood is a bit more slim and less pointed, and this dominus has bat wings instead of feathers. I must say this dominus looks very nice and I like the idea of a new mesh, but I do admit with most of the community that this dominus does not even come close to the originals. If this were to go limited, it would definitely make big profit like the Dominus Messor did. Overall, this gift was absolutely worth it.

So, most of these gifts this year were worth it and some were not. I believe that this year's Halloween gifts were much better than last year's. Black Friday and Christmas are coming up soon, so I recommend to readers that you save your robux up. Black Friday usually has tons of win limiteds and one mega win limited. Christmas also has gifts like Halloween, however these gifts are earn-able and buy-able, as well as the fact that there usually is one big win Christmas gift.

- NonstopEpic, Catalog Manager