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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Gift Guessers Gift #1: ROBLOX Newshound Gift

Edit: This guess is correct according to the official roblox blog.

Hello, IBarrageI here with a gift guess for the newest and first gift that has been released. And that is the ROBLOX Newshound Gift.

This gift sparked my curiosity from the moment it appeared.
I mean, a gift wrapped in news-paper? This gift is right up my street.

But, lets get on with how I think you get it.

Firstly, thing that comes to mind is, Roblox Blog. as this is the best place for official roblox news. (Roblox news is 2nd best (not being biased at all am I?)) And franky, the name "Newshound" may suggest that news reporters, like roblox new members, recieve this gift.

**EDIT** The official method to receive this gift is as follows:

1. Verify your email address

2. Under your account settings, tick the '
Opted in and Verified

But another possible method would be to:

To receive:
Be subscribed to Roblox Blog Email notifications with the email that is connected to your account.

What's inside:
Maybe a Rolled Up Newspaper melee weapon.

To subscribe to the Roblox Blog Email Notifications go here

And put in your email that is connected to your roblox account, then your date of birth, and press subscribe.

Then just click the comformation link that is sent to you.

This has been IBarrageI.

And this has been the first Christmas Gift Guess of 2012.

Thank you and happy hunting!

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