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Monday, November 26, 2012

Black Friday Gear Review: Spec Omega Biograph Energy Sword

Spec Omega Biograph Energy Sword

Hello readers, chubbs21 here, and welcome to another Black Friday 2012 Review! Today I am reviewing the brand new energy sword, Spec Omega Biograph Energy Sword!

Limited Stats:
Original Price: 5,000 robux
Sold: 400
Average Price: 7,000 robux (as of 11/24/12)

Mesh: 5/10
The mesh is the exact same mesh ROBLOX has been using for all the Energy Swords. It's pretty basic and could defiantly use some work, as the texture is hardly seen. It is just a few lines on a handle really. Not that great. 

Texture: 8/10
The texture, if you look closely in-game, it does have some detail. It looks like some black metal, kind of like Black Iron. It is hard to see because the mesh is so skinny, but is what it is, a black Energy Sword.

Money Value: 8/10
The original price was 5,000 robux, and selling for 7,000. This means you lose about 100 robux. But don't worry, people are only selling low for "Black Sunday" this year. Around Christmas season you should profit.

Overall: 7/10
This gear has a skinny and weird mesh, a good texture, and should later have great profit. I recommend  if you haven't, buy it now and wait until it raises for good profit. 

Link to gear: