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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Gift Guesses Day 8!

Today the 'Gift of the Cauldron Born' went on sale for R$250. It will go off sale in around 8 days.

Gift of the Cauldron Born

1. First of all, the name of the gift and the shape gives us an indication of what the theme of the item inside is likely to be. From the 'cauldron' we can obviously deduce that some kind of witches item is inside. This could include a broomstick, a new witch hat or perhaps some kind of potion which grants your character extra abilities. It could also be a new cauldron - an item that we haven't seen for a while. 

2. The description reads 'Ingredients - 3 cans Witch's Brew, 1 can Bloxy Cola, 1 Haunted Cheeseburger. Mix thoroughly and heat with transumute ray gun'. For those of you don't know, Bloxy Cola and Witch's Brew are classic drink items ROBLOX released way back in 2009. The transmute ray gun was a gear released this month as a Halloween themed Game Card exclusive. The description could suggest that some kind of new drink may come out of this - a concoction of the drinks listed. It also reinforces the prediction that it could be a witches potion.

3. The horned skulls on the gift's texture could indicate that the gift has an item in that is linked with the un-dead. Perhaps it it some sort of skull hat or an un-dead themed potion. It could also be an image of some kind of demon or monster - possible a horned helmet inside.

4. As for the gift box, is is fairly large so it could well contain an actual cauldron or something of equal size.

5. In game, it is simply called 'CauldronPresent' which again suggests it could be an actual cauldron gear. It gives us no further clues however.

Overall: For the affordable price of R$250, it is definitely worth purchasing this gift as it likely to be some kind of gear, i.e a potion or a cauldron.