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Friday, October 12, 2012

Gift Guesses Day 6!

Today the 'Gift of Turbo Vision' was released. It is priced at R$500 and will go offsale in around 7 days. The gift is exclusive for TBC members (OBC members can also buy it), and sticks to the pattern of BC, TBC, and OBC gifts like last Halloween. 
Gift of Turbo Vision

1. The description reads 'Haunted Hill contains more secrets than initially thought....' which could suggest that the item inside could be some kind of unexpected item. The scheming mind of Brighteyes has been known to trick us before, so that even though the gift is covered in eyes something even more sinister comes out of the gift. The description is in reference to 'House on Haunted Hill' an American horror film made in 1959. The film is about an eccentric millionaire who invites five people to a party thrown for his fourth wife in his rented house. Each guest is promised $10,000 if they stay the night and are each given a pistol for 'protection'. The guests meet their demise to gunshots and acid. The film is full of skeletons, apparitions and ghosts - some themed goodies that may come out of this gift. 

2. The eyes petruding from the gifts mesh highlight that the gift is 'eyeball' themed and could contain the latest new version of an 'eye' hat. 

2. Inside the TBC exclusive gift of last Halloween was a Werewolf package. Perhaps this year the BC gift collection will all contain packages. A theory from TheEasterZombie is that the gift will contain another Overseer package, possibly similar to 'The Overseer' body. It could also be a Crimson Catseye package - either a retexture of the Overseer, or a whole new mesh. 

3. In Studio, the gift is simply named 'ClawedBox' adding no extra clues to what could be in it.

4. Regarding size of the gift box, it is fairly average sized, so this may lead a clue to the size of the item within, it may not.

5. Supposedly, an anonymous user has leaked a piece of eye wear called 'X-Ray vision' which would link to the eyeball theme of the gift. 

Triva: The Gift of Turbo Vision is the second gift to be released this year with an eyeball theme. 

Overall: At the reasonable price of R$500, it is a definite buy for any avid TBC or OBC member. It is likely to contain some kind of eye hat, either an actual eyeball or a pair of shades. It is also equally likely that the gift will contain some kind of package like the year before.