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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Gift Guesses Day 4!

The Gift of the Ghastly Ghostie has now opened to reveal the Ghost Tie as predicted. The tie has a nice, simple design - but we will get on to that later in a separate post. Today the 'Gift of Clawed Combat' was released. It is priced at R$1000 and will go offsale in around 6 days. It is likely to be a Werewolf themed item due to the use of the word 'clawed'.

Gift of Clawed Combat

1. The description reads 'They're just dying to get out....' which could suggest that the item inside could be some kind of creature i.e a Werewolf. This could imply that the item is a pet gear item - like some of the recent gears we have seen. 

Opened Cursed Gift of the Full Moon2. The scratch marks on the gifts texture and it's name could indicate that a pair of claws gear could be inside.

2. If you think back to last year's Halloween, another similar gift to the Clawed Combat gift was released; it was named the 'Cursed Gift of the Full Moon'  
and contained Leader of the Pack - a Werewolf package. Considering that a werewolf package has already been a gifted item, it is unlikely to be repeated again. This is due to the fact that ROBLOX stated that that they will never do the same gift twice. 

3. In Studio, the gift is simply named 'ClawedBox' adding no extra clues to what could be in it.

4. Regarding size of the gift box, it fairly large and wide. This could indicate something big is coming out of this gift. 

5. Supposedly, an anonymous user has leaked a wolf/werewolf pendant which would likely come out of this themed gift - this not verified however.

Overall: At the fairly expensive price of R$1000, it is likely that the gift will have something large in it. With the gifts name and texture, it is very likely the item inside will be Werewolf themed. It could be a pendant, wolf pet or maybe even a pair of claws.