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Friday, October 26, 2012

Gift Guesses Day 12: The Final Gift!

The Gift of Sinister Ascension is the 13th and final Halloween gift released this month and was priced at R$31,000 in reference to the date All Hallows Eve falls on. With only 526 sales, the gift is the rarest out all 13 gifts.
Gift of Sinister Ascension
1. Similar to last year's Gift of the Dominator, the sinister gift's description reads 'This gift contains one of three things - a domino crown, a dominus or a flock of bats.' However, there is one small difference; the Domino Crown is listed first on the sinister gift whereas it featured second last year. The Dominus Messor was inside last year's 13th gift and thus leads us to believe whatever it listed first is most likely in the gift: a Domino Crown.

2. If you count the number of bats printed on the gift's design, you will find that there are the same number of bats are there are dots on the Domino Crown. Thus supporting the idea of a new Domino Crown inside.

3. Further asserting this theory is an interesting development on the forum owned by John Shedletsky, called 'Ironnoob'. On the ROBLOX section of the forum, a user named SharpTH - a well known ROBLOXian, posted a cake hat he had produced with 3DS Max (3D modelling software). He then went on to show John Shedletsky a new Domino Crown hat he had made, complete with a new mesh and texture. The pictures of which can be seen below:

Black Iron Domino Crown designed by SharpTH

The real interesting part however, is what John Shedletsky did next. On the second page of the Ironnoob thread, he posted:

This proves that John did indeed acquire the files for the Black Iron Domino Crown so ROBLOX artists could upload it to the catalog and use it as a gift. He mentions that he had been meaning to make one more for a while; so Halloween would be a perfect time to release this item in the form of the 'big gift'.

This pretty much solidifies the rumours surrounding the Sinister Gift and it's contents, highlighting the fact that the Black Iron Domino Crown is the most likely item to come out. Bear in mind, this is not a retexture - it is a completely new, slick mesh with no parts in the middle joining the three domino sections.

What ever is inside the gift, it is not set to disappoint  So let's all sit back and wait for the mystery item to finally be revealed!

Thank you everyone for following our Gift Guesses series this Halloween. It's been fun writing all these sets of predictions for the gifts. Please leave suggestions and comments below so we may provide even better information next time around. Thanks!