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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gift Guessers Day 9!

So when I first saw this new Sorcus Gift, my first reaction was "ROBLOX  DOES GIFT SEQUELS NOW?!" and this gift really caught me by surprise. Now, from reading NonstopEpic's first guessing post, I'm pretty sure we'd all know there would be a troll gift this year, but I didn't actually think this gift would get published. But what do you know, they make a sequel to one of the best Halloween gifts ever! Now this gift is priced at a cheap 707R$ and you might be wondering, why 707? What's so significant about 707? Well, actually, if you flip 707 upside down, it creates the acronym, LOL, and we all know what that Sorcus is a troll. Already 900 have been sold and if you're wondering if you should buy this, then take my opinion and minimize this tab, and go get the gift right now and then continue reading.
1. Now if you read the description that clearly states "There is definitely not an office chair in here. Not even a little chair." then we can probably assume there'll probably be a chair in here but seeing that ROBLOX already released a "chair" hat, I don't think the chances are very likely. But knowing last year's gift, and knowing our favorite admin and troll, Sorcus, we can't really trust this description.
2. This texture is completely filled with little box troll faces. There really is nothing special about the texture except the fact that there are millions and millions of trollfaces but we already know that Sorcus is a troll and whatever comes out of here is something we won't be expecting.

3. I took the word "surly" into and this is what I found: apparently, surly means unfriendly or hostile (what don't we know about Sorcus) and rude and bad-tempered.

4. I think we should completely disregard the shape of the box because in Sorcus's gift last year, we all expected some bridge or sword or gear of some sort to come out because of the shape but what we got was this pretty funny but awesome trollface. We could be expecting a mask again of some meme or we could also be expecting a gear (because Sorcus specializes in the gear department) that could be like this gear
Summary: Like I said before, if you still haven't bought the gift, I highly suggest that you go buy it right now because Sorcus isn't likely to let us down with a bad gift and seeing that this gift is at a low 707R$ and not a 1000R$ like last years was, this is the perfect gift to buy this year! We could be expecting another troll gift such as a troll mask of some meme or a gear or maybe, if the description proves itself, we might even get another chair hat/gear! Why not? But please, take my opinion and buy this now, or you'll regret it.

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