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Friday, September 21, 2012

Place Review Poll Responses

So, after checking my poll I saw these results:

I was rather astonished that people wanted more good games being reviewed by me. The results in text form are interesting too. Because they give more of a verdict than the bar chart...

More video reviews.1531%
More good game reviews.2347%
Less negativity.510%
More fun.2041%
Accept requests for reviews from users1735%
So, people wanted Good game reviews more. The second most wanted one was more fun. Accept video requests; I will accept video requests, just hit me up on twitter, or personal message me on ROBLOX, even though... A review isn't personal.

Here is my new tweet button for review requests:

I also have many other new things to add to my reviews, with all my judging options, I might add some more.
By judging options I mean; Front Cover, Scripting, Building, Overall.
So there might be more.
If you want to possibly give me a new judging option just hit me up on twitter or personal message me on ROBLOX.

Place Review News;

I am currently brainstorming from the ROBLOX Game page for games to review, I might do some scripting tutorials in the near future. And I am working on something for RN, a contest at that. I'll give you news when it gets to the time.

For more news from me, or if you want to request a place to review, or you just want to chat to me, follow me on twitter!


"Did you know, place reviewing is the best department?"