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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Place Review: Pirate Wars

Arrg, prepare thy selves for the world of Pirate Wars! Ah yes, a pirate game, how fun could this get? We'll have to find out for ourselves.
Pirate Wars
     Upon entering this place we are greeted with our own little island. You can be on one of two teams, Blue or Red. I was placed on Red. I quickly find an enemy ship on our island and I say, hey, why not? Well, I soon discover that taking this ship was a bad idea. I travel along the ocean and stumble upon my team's ship, and the unthinkable happens. I get shot by a cannon and killed by my own team! I guess they assumed I was the enemy, but they had no idea that I had hijacked the enemy's ship.

     I was placed back on my spawn to try again. This time, I finally took my own ship. I then found out that even taking my team's ship was a bad idea... I was shot by my own team again! But, this time, I didn't die! >:) So, I continued on in the ocean, along the way shooting my own teammates. Getting revenge of course. I then stumble upon probably the largest ship of the enemy's team yet.

    I get shot by their cannon and shoot them in return, but my cannon didn't do any damage! D: I finally get blasted and my entire ship goes kaboom and I rage-quit and leave the game and thus ending my epic journey of pirates. I wasted 50 gold on this? >:/ I really enjoyed this game. Yes, you have to spend money on ships, whoopee. "It's like a real pirate map with a real treasure chest." -Some cartoon. Name that cartoon and get mentioned in a future post.

Scripting: 10/10. Scripts are obviously used here. What with all the ships and buying options.
Tools: 10/10. All pirate weapons are provided to take their gold, lasse!
Building: 10/10. It's well built and well created a pirate scene.
Community Enjoyment: 10/10. People enjoy this place very much.
Originality: 6/10. I've seen more places like this.
Deals with Problems: 9/10. Team-killing may be a problem, but it adds to the realism.
Reviewer's Experience with Lag: 10/10. No lag was experienced.
Difficulty: Medium. May get a bit hard after a while. Trying to destroy other ships.
Reviewer's Enjoyment: 10/10. I especially enjoyed the realism of this place.
Reviewer's Recommendation: 10/10. Recommend this if you like to feel realistic.
Thumbnail's Review: 10/10. Lured me in wanting to see more.
Scenery: 10/10. Great place and makes it seem like a real pirate war.

Overall: 10/10. I enjoyed this game very much and would enjoy playing it again. Maybe with my crew of brave pirates! :)

At the time of this review, this place had 848,443 place visits, and Favorited 29,476 times.

Play this game here.

Thanks for reading, and have fun! :)