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Thursday, September 20, 2012

LMaD Interview #1: noahnightflame

This will be a series of interviews I make with a bunch of LMaDers. This first one just so happened to be a very successful LMaDer, noahnightflame. Here is an interview I had with him. The first few questions were just generic ROBLOX interview questions. Towards the 5th question, I started asking LMaD questions. Enjoy!

Q: Why did you join ROBLOX? When?

A: Well back in 2010 i saw someone at my local libary playing. I thought it was a dumb game at first. Then I went on the computer he was at then started playing. Then played ever since. 

Q: What do you like about ROBLOX that other games don't have?

A: Well. It's the variety of what you can do. You can make money, make games, and just play games. Just makes everything fun when you are basically controllng what you do.

Q: What was your favorite game when you first joined?

A: I don't really remeber what was the first game I played. But I enjyed any fighting games.

Q: What is your favorite game now? 

A: Well I do enjoy the classics like underground wars and stuff like that but i enjoy hanging out at merleys trade hangout.

Q: When did you begin fourming at LMaD? 

A: I think I joined later 2010. I first learned about foruming when i was in R.A.T and needed 100 forum post for a promo or something like that.

Q: Why do you forum at LMaD? 

A: I forum on LMaD because we are like a huge family who enjoy to have fun. It's also great for advice in trading and stuff. I just find it fun.

Q: What was your first limited? 

A: That's a really tough one. Hmmm. I'm actually not sure what my first limited was actually. Ive had so many limiteds over my years on roblox.

Q: If you could tell a beginning investor any advice, what would it be? 

A: Well. Making profit is so easy now with the trade system. The key thing is to check comments and learn in most cases rap isn't the true value or even the lowest price isnt true value. Look for the highest offer then go off that.

Q: When did start becoming a successful LMaDer? 

A: Hmmm.. I think early 2011 maybe late 2010. My first ever like large limited was ollie i think maybe doom bucket.

Q: Who is your favorite LMaDer? 

A: Hmmm. It used to be noooooo until a certain incident happend between me and him. Now i would say bombz99 and suddenrush12.

Q: Finally, the question that has never been answered: Is tomato a fruit or a vegetable? 

A: A Tomato is very gross but I consider it a vegetable.

I hope you enjoyed an be sure to check out noahnightflame's profile! Don't forget to follow me on twitter @alexkylerock