Friday, September 21, 2012

BC Loyalty Bonus: Phasing Out

The BC Loyalty Bonus was one of the great extra features the ROBLOX Developers gave to users who paid for premium membership. However, never strictly being an official feature, the Bonus was more of an 'experiment' according to the developers. The Loyalty Bonus was an extra percentage of Robux paid on top of your Builder's Club Stipend of R$15 a day. If you had a BC membership for a long time, like myself, the multiplier for the Loyalty Bonus could be up to 3.0x. This meant I received a grand total of R$45 a day (including my original 15R$ Stipend).

This has a noticeable impact on the amount of items I could purchase. Originally with 15R$ a day I would have to save up for a couple of weeks to purchase an item, but with the extra 30R$ a day, I could buy more hats and gear. This was also aided by the fact that ROBLOX kept the pricing of most hats fairly low - there was no increase in average item prices after the Loyalty Bonus had been released.

However. Because of this increase in daily Robux BC members received, too much Robux was being injected into the economy - similar to quantitative easing. All of a sudden larger numbers of premium members had thousands of R$ stored on their accounts. This did take a while to make a large impact, but after a year of the Loyalty scheme being in place, problems were beginning to rear their heads. For example, items were selling very large amounts of copies and Limited prices began to skyrocket. Now, some Limited item prices were affected by the decreasing supply of copies (deleted copies, users quitting, copies reaching owners who does not wish to sell/ NBC users), but a large percentage was down to the Loyalty Bonus. Everyone had more currency so they could afford spending more on Limited items.

This is where the 'phasing out' of the Loyalty Bonus program comes in. By reducing the amount of extra Robux a player receives, ROBLOX are removing Robux from circulation and thus attempting to bring the economy back to what it was like in 2010.

How is it being phased out? 

The program is only being completely phased out for new Builder's Club members who will not receive a bonus. Current BC members have had their multiplier reset but will still continue to receive a small bonus every day. Every month the bonus will increase by 4% to a maximum of 20% after 5 months.

The notification message from ROBLOX can be seen below:

I am sad to see the Loyalty Bonus program change so drastically, but I do understand the reasoning behind the decision. And as many users stated: ROBLOX did not include it on the BC features list, so it was not an official feature and therefore it is perfectly acceptable that they are removing it for new BC members.

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  1. What I don't understand is why would they bring it down so much? From 300% to 20%. They could have left it at 100% (2x) or maybe 50%, but I think it is too drastic of a change.

    1. Yes, a smaller reduction could possibly be better

  2. After the market fee tax rising, now this. They do this because they want people to pay more money, but I think 30% it's exaggerated and we are getting to nowhere with this.


  3. they are infact doing us 08-09-10ers a justice. having to work for for somthing is alot better then just getting somthing, it is also why we play games. the BC Loyalty bonus was kind of like cheating, you log on once a day for a year and you have 8-18 thousand robux at your disposal. i know a year seems like a lot but i know of a few people who did this. and they now have a net worth of over 500 thousand Robux. so yes it is cheating. and didn't we all love playing roblox in 2008 through 2010, we all were equals. we all had the same items, and no one cared who had what. we were all friends. When i first noticed this, it was around the time when the dominus set first began. they first item to sell for less then 50 in stock. i remember it took almost 2 days to sell out when it was released. now, an item that sells for 10,000R$ with only 100 in stock would take 2 minuits to sell out. ill end my speech here, because im hungry and want my speghetti.

  4. They just want us to buy more Robux.


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