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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Battle Boats! Place Review

Now, on my laptop the game does lag a lot. It's probably the greatness of my graphics Vs. the stupid CPU. But no matter no matter. I can still review it.

When I saw this on the front page, the image was so persuading, here's a secret. I love games that are realistic. And this game surprisingly is very realistic, with a bit of flim-flam from ROBLOX. The game is a reality. It consists of a beautiful minimap, that tells you who the player is when you hover over their name. You also have the nice effect, that when you're under water, a bubble starts to shrink, and when you have no bubble left, you die. That in my opinion is realistic to an extent.

The game is made out of Terrain and ROBLOX water. You also have three teams, and preset boats. As the title implies, you do battle, with BOATS! But you might wanna watch out, these people are vicious, one wrong step and you could result in a most painful death, like Dumbledore's, apart from you'll be falling from a boat and sinking, instead of falling from a 50 billion feet high building (Sarcasm). Use your time wisely, size matters not, but in this game it does. Your best bet is to get a big boat so it doesn't fall apart so easily!!

The scripting on this game, to an extent is good, I like it. It's kind of simple, but it's very manipulative and great! He used many functions on this game, and they all add to the gameplay. Beautiful, beautiful. Smack bang, well done!

Building, as I have mentioned already, the game really just consists of Terrain and water, the boats are nice and details with monster rockets that come out of those pirate cannons. And they work rather well for a server-side script. The graphic on this game is also good, the Minimap looks almost HD and so does the bubble. The photos the creator used were very high quality, and really helped me see the game in the full light it deserved.

Dun, dun, dun, it's that time of the review again... BORING OLD STATS.

Scripting: 10/10
Very manipulative, maybe not the best. But very manipulative and smooth.

Tools: 0/10
This game doesn't really have tools. :P

Development: 10/10
The terrain and the boats with the ROBLOX water and bubble make the game a reality, a very simple reality.

Problems: 10/10
Not that I know of is there any problems.

Difficulty: Intermediate
You better be prepared, because those vicious ninjas on the boats aren't willing to give up.

Front Cover: 7/10
No video, sadly. But it shows gameplay.

Fun Filling: AMAZING!
It's really fun killing users. (Don't report me :P)

Thought: 7/10
Was thought about to an extent. But could be better.

Overall: 8/10
Nice creation, keep it up.


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