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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Roblox News Summer Interns: Second Roll-call

The time is upon us to reveal the newest batch of users joining the Roblox News Summer Intern Programme! This is the second and final roll-call, the application deadline was Wednesday this week.

A Recap.

An Intern is a temporary staff member who will shadow a current member of the RN team. These interns will publish articles relating to the staff member's role on the blog. For example, if an intern were to shadow Refreshingwater, they would publish Place Reviews.

The aim of the Internship programme is enhance the applicants skills in a particular area whilst at the same time developing their social skills through interacting with fans and staff members alike. If the Interns perform well and bond with their fellow RN team members, they will likely be asked to remain on the team as full time staff after the programme is over.

Our second interns are:



Regilord impressed me with his well written, detailed application. It clearly shone out with talent and showcased to me the amount of time he is willing to spend on his work, a sign of dedication. Regilord had a Place Review of Catalog Heaven published to RN as a Community Article. He will be shadowing the infamous Place Reviewer and previous Intern: banjobug! 


Phantomazing has been a long term RN reader and fan who delivered a great application for the Intern Programme. Phantomazing is an aspiring Graphics Designer and has produced multiple graphics for RN including previous site logos and the RN SF Tournament emblem. He will be shadowing TREVOR818730 who works on the sliding banner at the top of the page. He will also be coordinating with Flingi2 - the Site Manager. 



Chubbs21 has also been an avid reader of Roblox News and has applied for roles on the blog beforehand. His application was well constructed and the sample article about Catalog rumours was interesting to read. Chubbs21 is an investor and will be a great addition to the RN team! Chubbs21 will be shadowing BillCheesey5 - a Catalog Analyst.

Once again, a massive thank you to everyone who applied for the Summer Internship Programme! All your applications were impressive making it extremely hard to choose the selected few to join the ranks of RN! This was the final roll-call this Summer for Interns.

Editor of Roblox News