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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Final Gift Information

Yes, this following week is the last gift week. Before I announce all of the "new" gifts, let me talk about the old ones.

Eerie Remains of the Infamous Hacker - Was obtained by taking it when free. Inside you found.. a Macbook Air!

Nearly Invisible Gift of Light - You failed to notice this was free. Inside you found... A completely faded Dominus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Red Gift of Sunset - You took it at Sunset on Friday, inside you found, a block!

There are other two gifts that will not open until next week. Here's the new gifts of the week.

Fiery Gift of Rainbows - Will be free all week.

The Super Rare Gift - Opens next Sunday.

Ultra Rare Gift - Will be available on Tuesday for 5 minutes only

Mega Rare Gift - Will be available on Tuesday for 4 minutes only

Super Duper Rare Gift - Will be available on Tuesday for 3 minutes only

Rare Rare Gift - Will be available on Tuesday for 2 minutes only.

Rarer Gift - Will be available on Tuesday for 1 minute only.

Rarest Gift of Them All - Will be available on Tuesday for 30 seconds ONLY.

The Last Gift - Can be obtained all week, you must have 85% of my gifts to earn it.

Yes, these are the final gifts of the year until December. Yes, all gifts this week are rare. Especially, the rarest of them all. They all have the same texture, I got lazy :P. The more rare the gift is, the better the item inside is. Good luck, I will announce when the gifts are free on my Twitter which can be found on the staff page.

Thanks for reading!


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