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Monday, July 30, 2012

"Chocolate Gentleman's Hat" Hat Review

Hio, it's been a while! Well, I'm here, and I'm delivering a post to YOU! Also, I'm reviewing the "Chocolate Gentleman's Hat". Mmm... Chocolate.

It's made of chocolate - which is cool until it melts on your head. Then it's delicious...

Mesh: The mesh is that of a top hat/bowler hat, and it is shaped and fits like a top hat/bowler hat, so good so far. It has a bow around it, which makes it even more realistic! The more realistic the better, except with packages. *shoots glance at 3.0 bodies*. Anyways, it's realistic, and very nice. It reminds me of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory already. And this is just the mesh. 10/10.

Texture: The texture is brown (I'm assuming/hoping it's chocolate. Yes that was a poop joke. Actually, forget I said anything), and the bow is a nice blue/turquoise colour. The blue/turquoise coloured band fits in with the chocolate covered brown hat to me, it looks very nice. It's nice and... Chocolaty! 9/10.

Value for Money: The price is at 200 R$, which isn't that bad for a bowler hat/top hat. Top hats on ROBLOX are usually very expensive, such as the JJ5x5 Top Hat. The bowler hats aren't so expensive though. Not bad. 8/10.

Public Enjoyment: Now I took to the streets of a Social Network known as "Twitter":

@Newbcaek: "it tastes delicious, looks like chocolate."

@RBX_Zakary99: "a nice hat, i would of preferred it to be limited."

@IJPY_RBX: "ugly, and hardly chocolate. More just a weird brown."

There were more, but these were the first 3 ACCEPTABLE ones. Thanks to all who gave input!

Overall: Overall, this hat is a nice, appropriate chocolate bowler hat/top hat and is at an acceptable price. Would've been an okay limited though. 8/10. Link:



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