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Monday, June 25, 2012

Interview with jeffburton31!

I caught up with the forumer: jeffburton31 earlier for an interview, check it out!

1) When did you join ROBLOX? What were your first impressions? 

-October 5th 2009. I liked the site because of the games, but then I decided to forum.

2) What part of the game stood out to you the most? 

-Probably the fact that many people I meet were really nice.

3) What was the first game you visited? Did you enjoy it? 

-Bew7874 Zombie Defence. I loved it, then the mods deleted it :P

4) What is your favourite type of place on ROBLOX? Why? 

-Sword fighting. I love the challange.

5) Do you have a favourite place? Why is it your favourite? 

-See answer 3)

6) When did you start foruming? 

-2012. I have over 13k posts in my accounts put together though :)

7) Which forum do you usually post to? Why? 

-LMaD and RT. RT- Full of funny stuff LMaD- To make money

8) If you were CEO of ROBLOX for the day, what would you do? 

-Return money to thoese who lost it in scams. And SQL me the items I lost in the April First hack plus what I lost in scams.

9) What is your favourite item in the catalog? 

-Euro 180. I love the design! I had the hat but lost it in a scam.

10) And finally, mango or pineappe?   

-Mango FTW

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