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Friday, May 4, 2012

Place Review: Hide N' Seek XL

Hide n' Seek XL-Living Spaces
This week, I'm going to review TwoShue's game called "Hide N' Seek XL." As always, I begin with the thumbnail. This thumbnail shows me a picture of a living room or bedroom. It looks small on the outside. Well, we're going to find out more.

I entered this place and was introduced by a lobby with a lot of pink. The round didn't start yet, so I took the liberty of trying out what TwoShue calls "Advanced Obstacles," I make an attempt to prove his statement wrong. This obstacle is called the "pipe jump," which seems easy at first. I completely fail many times, which makes me angry. I then, after trying more than 20 times, beat it! The round took like 4 minutes to start.

The game started out with me hiding, which sounded fun at first. I then realized, the seeker was none other than a Guest. The Guest was roaming around searching for the hiders and was unsuccessful. I was hiding in a bush. The round had to end because the Guest could not find us in time. I have to admit, this game starts out to be fun, then it gets really boring when hiding for 5 minutes.

I was then chosen as seeker, goodie! Well, not necessarily. I first thought "this will be fun," it was, for the first minute. I then couldn't find all of the people on time, which ended the round and forced us to go back to the lobby.

Scripting: 10/10, seems to contain many scripts.
Tools: 10/10, no tools are needed.
Building: 10/10, very nice. Good job.
Community Enjoyment: 10/10, even Arbs enjoys it. Arbs being Arbirator. :P
Originality: 4/10, I've seen too many hide n' seek places.
Creativity: 10/10, creative.
Deals with Problems: 8/10, I'll explain below.
Reviewer's Experience with Lag: 5/10, too much lag, this is the main problem.
Difficulty: EASY
Reviewer's Enjoyment: 6/10, it's fun at first, but loses it's fun after a round.
Reviewer's Recommendation: 5/10, if you have time, go ahead, I wouldn't play this again.
Thumbnail's Review (NEW!): 10/10, good thumbnail, fooled me into thinking this place was fun.

Overall: 7.9/10, it's good for a while, lost interest after 2 rounds.